Sad News in the European History Community

 It is a sad moment in the academic community: Bruce Adams, a friend and colleague to many of us died of a brain tumor; we did not know Bruce was sick until he decided not to attend the Advanced Placement European history reading in Fort Collins this past June.

I was able to recover from my brain surgery last March in which a tumor was removed; my fear was that there might be cancer since it was embryonic. When I arrived at Fort Collins, I learned of Bruce’s condition. Though like me, it appeared that he was recovering fine; however, things took a turn. I served under Bruce one summer as a reader; he was instrumental in my promotion to Table Leader at the readings. Bruce is a great example of a good person, excellent academic, ultimate professional, and dear colleague. See his home page with his picture and bio here. Bruce taught Russian and European history at the University of Louisville.

About: Bruce Adams has been a member of the Department of History since 1980.  Specializing in the history of Russia, he teaches a variety of courses in that area, including a two-semester survey of Russian history, Russian Cultural History, a graduate seminar on the Russian revolutions, and graduate reading classes on selected topics.  He also participates heavily in teaching our general education History of Civilizations classes.


12 thoughts on “Sad News in the European History Community

  1. Thanks for the post. I did not know of this. I recall him buying beers for all of us at the AHA meeting a few years back. That was one big tab.

  2. He sounded like a truly amazing man, I am sorry for your loss, and I will be praying for him and all who mourn over him.

  3. Hello Mr. Carson,

    I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend and mentor. The last couple of weeks of 2008 has not been one of the best times in my book either. The saddest part for me to hear is that he lost his struggle with cancer, no one deserves to go in such an excruciatingly painful way. You, your wife, and his family are all in my prayers. Please don’t take his passing in any manner that hinders your academic performance though. I speak from experience, because I now have to fight the long road back to try and regain the respect of most of my teachers who feel that I have been attempting to take advantage of a bad situation. God’s blessings during this sad time and if you and your wife need anything, just give me a holler (I think I gave you my cell number for oktoberfest).

  4. You are a good man Patrick; I do appreciate it. I do have your cell. I missed you in class. I will fire you an email about a few minor changes.

    No fear, I am as motivated as ever in terms of academics and discussing what we all love most. I still hate I missed oktoberfest. They will not happen next year.

  5. No problem. And sorry about the whole “plagiarism” thing. I hope that you aren’t as mad about it as some others are and that you will please forgive me for it. It won’t happen again.

  6. Patrick,

    I did not realize that this has been such a tough last couple of weeks for you. Now that I know this, I can understand that you might not have had the time to write your own thoughts, yet wanted to interject an alternative point of view. It doesn’t make it right, but I can respect your intentions.

    I did not mean to make it a huge deal, and I should have addressed the issue via e-mail or conversed with you about it, instead of calling you out on here.

    I hope you will accept my apology, and I am pretty confident that this will not happen again.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. Carson –

    No problem

    Dillon –

    No harm no foul. Its true that I didn’t have much time for anything but if it is really that offensive to everyone, dont worry about it happening again. Just promise me that from now on you wont judge without having all of the facts and I’ll promise to not use the term “kid” so much. Deal?

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