Coat Style


Above: Carson with Fellow student Emily Driscoll

Emily who is one of many students on my favorite list, asked to try on my trench coat; it is clearly too large for her. I thought why not; it is not like you get to sport coats in Houston all that often. Better yet, I was recently talking to a friend and colleague in Arkansas who commented on the cold temps driving the state; my favorite winter story has to be the ice storm of 2000; I was working on my final exam when an ice storm hit Little Rock. Of course my power went out leaving me to hand write my exam in my bath tube where there was a gas-heating unit. I kid you not, I could see my breath in my house. I think about Little Rock, Arkansas what seems like everyday; I often thought about a return — though there are only one or two schools I can see myself at. With that said, I do not miss the ice storms Arkansas gets every year. Oh with the humidity there it gets really cold.

Side note: See if you can spot my mini doll pixs of the Clintons behind us.


11 thoughts on “Coat Style

  1. Arkansas? I know that is your home state…but I just do not see you there.

    Nice coat. And sweater. Been reading GQ lately?

  2. Oh no – he was definitely a bad guy – most revolutionaries have a dark side. I am pumped for the movie not necessarily because I am a huge Che fan, but because it just looks like a good movie. It got a ton of awards in Cannes.

  3. Carson as I was reading this the part when you said you could see your breath in the bath tub made me laugh so hard, because the heater in my car is broken and on the occasion that it gets could enough to see your breath here in Houston, I can see my breath in my car. And I mean it’s not just for a short time, the longest I have been in my car in that kind of weather has been 45 minutes and I was still seeing my breath inside my car when I was getting out. I feel your pain haha.

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