Thinking CAC #1

Teaching at CAC was a great experience for me; it allowed me to grow and take on a  leadership role among the faculty. It is true that when I first arrived on campus, I was not the most popular teacher. My classes were too tough; I graded to rigidly. According to one student’s evaluation of me, there was only Carson’s way. However, as the year went on and as I became more institutional, students became more attracted to my courses. Though, many still feared me. I will devote 3 – 5 posts over the next two weeks reflecting on my time at CAC. The current administration was willing and at times did deal with my overly inflated ego and sense of frustration.  As some still contend, I am and was a bit of a prima donna. Boy I have grown a lot — according to some who no longer see me as an ego monster. Below is one of CAC’s’ publications that devoted a feature to me. I keep the color version framed and above my desk. It is one of many things that remind me of my purpose to students, academics, excellence, and being a scholar.

Give it a read.



12 thoughts on “Thinking CAC #1

  1. I guess I should consider an update; however, this is the one thing I have kept that students tend to learn from. Example: I have had students who did not know about Nelson Mandela. I have hime on Time. I am goind to add the Obama as FDR one after the break.

  2. 2003, Julie. Allison Pipkin graduated the year after I did, I believe and so it would’ve been fall of ’02 or spring of ’03.

  3. Hey, you could be the new Jack Lalanne. Market the “look younger as you get older by only running 60 to 70 miles per week” training program and you could probably make a fortune.

  4. justthisgirl: You are not getting old. This is good as I could scan it. Plus, I know when you finished high school.

    Patrick: I am working to stay young, even if my body hurts mile after mile.

    Julie: You are missed.

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