My Break

I went home for the first time in almost four years for the break; I had dinner with Jeff Baker and his wife Jennifer. I met Jeff during my college days at Harding University; he is currently a law prof. at Jones School of Law in Montgomery. It was great having a drink and pizza with Jeff and his wife.

I spent time with the family and most importantly my little brother, Michael — a Auburn University graduate, published photographer, and a private sector investigator.


Janette and I also spent time with one of my best friends… Lori Kwater, a friend since day one of my independent upper school days. She is pretty close to me. We had lunch in the park and at at a great Montgomery restaurant. Below is a shot of us at the Shakespeare Festival Park.


Below: Lori and Janette


Below: Kelly and I


I finally got a chance to see my long lost friend. If you do not recall my previous post about our relationship, Kel and I have stayed in touch for over 21 years; however, we kept missing each other due to odd conflicts (gods against us I suspect). The gods were finally on our side this year. It was great seeing Kel. Kel is a runner and has invited me to run a marathon with her out in San Diego this August. I intend on running it.


3 thoughts on “My Break

  1. whoo-hoo! proof that we’re still friends:))) i was beginning to think it was all only a trail of emails and voice mail messages!! i had such a great time but as usual there is never enough time to catch up and janette and i never did run off for that starbucks:) !! behave yourself edward–

  2. Carson, I have been negligent checking your blog and saw just now your post on the visit to Montgomery. We were thrilled to break some bread with y’all, and I hope it will be more common. We’re in the season for open-houses at all the MGM kindergartens, and our conversations resonate about the virtues of public and private education. We’re glad for your insight.


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