60 days Left


Though I am dealing with a bug, I thought I was fit and ready to take on a monster run in preparation for a series of races. Upon my return I realized that I was not ready. Training is going well as I prepare for the Little Rock Marathon on March 15th and the Nashville Marathon April 25th. Both will be my first in four years.

I will compete in the following races before Little Rock:

Austin Half Marathon on February 15th

Steps For Students 5k on February 21st

Bridge Fest 5k on February 7th


14 thoughts on “60 days Left

  1. You’re impressive. I had lofty half marathon in march goals, but those have definitely gone in the crapper. Now I have new goals of jogging three days a week for any amount of time over three minutes.

  2. Kristi, he is impressive. I think you need to go back to working too much. I like Kristi’s goals. I think I will join in. Craig tells me that he is doing a 15 mi run with you this weekend. He is impressive too. I think he is doing the Houston marathon.

  3. You’re looking super skinny. Have you dropped a lot of weight during your training?

    Also, from the picture, it appears that you’ve developed a large hole in your chest. You might want to get that checked out?

  4. I am thinking about 165, which is 12 lbs less than what I was during my last race. I think the reduction will help my time. I wish him well this weekend. I wanted to run it, but did not register on time. That sucker filled up fast.

  5. Whoa, Carson… you weigh less than I do.

    And since you can’t run the marathon this weekend, you should come up to run the 3000m at the track meet at U of H and put those silly kids back in their place.

  6. You’re looking lean, man! Good luck on the marathons. That’s fantastic. As a weightlifter, I find myself very impressed by runners. For me, a competitive lift takes all of a few seconds. Even sprints seem like a long time in comparison! But a marathon? wow. That takes guts and gumption.

  7. You would laugh at my weight training; it is like I do just enough which is not enough. I need to step it up. Too much vanity on my part. And, I do not do leg weights; I fear it will hurt my running. I can not find any good conclusions on this matter.

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