New Look and New Name

Call it a mid-life jam in my academic blogging life, but I say it  is just a simple change. A former student of mine suggested a change from Proletarian to The Professor, illustrating a more accurate depiction of the blog. She stated that I am more of the Bourgeoisie than I am of the proletariat. Thus I took the suggestion and changed the name and look. She also noted that The Proletarian was not radical nor far enough to the left to justify the title. I agree. According to Sweeney (who recently changed her blogsome), I dress, talk, and behave like a conservative Republican. Do not fear, I am not.  I do think the title fits me and my blog well. I have also created a second blog that will get far less attention than this one; it is called Running Man — a blog to trace my training and preparation for future runs and races.


23 thoughts on “New Look and New Name

  1. I came to the blog and thought I went to the wrong website. Anyway, the new template looks good. I liked The Proletarian, but I can understand your reasons for renaming the blog, and think The Professor fits.

    However, I would disagree with the statement that you dress, talk, and behave like a conservative Republican. Most conservative Republicans that I know don’t wear bow ties…

  2. It’s really a good time to change your site name because you can always get away with just saying that you only did it in honor of how you reached 200,000 visitors without ever having publicity. That’s quite the accomplishment.

  3. Nice choice from your socially liberal friend in country musicville. I am going to miss the dark blue, but I will get over it.

  4. Seriously though, I really like the new layout. It’s cleaner and easier to find things. I’m not sure if you actually changed the font or not, but I find it easier to read.

  5. Sweeney,

    I was thinking the same; it is a bit cleaner — though I am not sure if I will stick with the banner. I will explore that option more later. I did not want to get rid of the other one, but with the change it vanished; I will try to find it again.

  6. I think the name change fits the feel of the content of the blog. So much of what you cover is of an academic nature. (One of the reasons I enjoy it!) That said, I never thought the Proletariat was non-fitting, just an expression of where your sympathies lie.

    About the Running Blog: you may be surprised. Fitness-related topics are popular search items. And people may find your training to be inspirational. Seeing others do what they want to do, and to see the progression lain out on a blog, can serve as potent motivation.

  7. Bummer, I liked the old name. There are tons of professors running around, but not that many Marxists. Ha. But this blog continues to be one of my favorite stops, no matter what the name is. Now I have to go update PC’s blogroll, though.

  8. I learned a long time ago that you can’t tell a thing about someone’s political/social/religious views from their dress. What I want to know is, why is Dr. Phil in your new header? 😛

  9. ok so monday was martin luther king jr day
    who fought for change and the day after was the
    inaugration of barack obama…
    what’s the word for that? ironic

    horray for obama!

  10. Bah, am I the only one who prefers the old layout and name?
    “The Professor” is so cliche… while “The Proletarian” really made you stand out from the HCHS norm.

    And besides, this white is tough on the eyes. It’s too bright.

  11. Another benefit of your name change is that I finally got my school district to unblock your site from our fascist firewall. I guess they thought this site was spewing Marxist propaganda and they didn’t want our students infected by your freethinking ways. But I am typing this comment from my school computer so as of today I can read your blog from the comforts of my classroom when I should be grading DBQ’s. I no longer have to just read this at home. Fantastic! One more thing, Professor, you are are looking lean and mean! The training regiment has you looking ready to take on Usain Bolt. How does sushi figure in your running diet? I can’t stop poppin’ the Cali Rolls since you introduced me them last summer.

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