On Campus with Carson


I am excited that I have actually marked most of the essays in my brief case; I completed the writing of my AP European history exam which one section took yesterday, and the other will do today; I still need to finish writing my United States history take home exam. With that stated, I hope that I can get my desk cleared and a number of papers filed today; I have been reorganizing a  number of files of late. And because I have elected not to visit campus the past two weekends, I have no choice but to get this done during the week. What a mess!!!!

It is not as bad as it looks.


9 thoughts on “On Campus with Carson

  1. LukeD: I am getting to the point in which I like Macs; it has taken a while. My campus provides one to all faculty members. Students too must have one. It comes with their cost of tuition.

    Dillon: I am ashamed to admit that this is a weakness; I am very good at recycling paper; I do recycle my exams, but I do not copy them on two sides. It is my understanding that students perform better on exams that are printed on a single side. I could be wrong.

  2. DAMN, Boy! I bet, though, that you’re one of those infuriating folks who can put their hands on any obscure piece of paper in that mess on demand, aren’t you….

    I LURVE my Macs. The Chili family is TOTALLY Apple-fied…

  3. HAHAHAHA……That was funny Dillon. Maybe it wasn’t intended to be but can you imagine the heartache and monotony involved in writing a paper on….essentially….a gargantuan first gen. IPod. Sorry I’ll pass on that and give it a rating of “overly simplified.” Call me old fashioned but this (along with buttons replacing rotary dials in cars for simple tasks like changing the temperature or radio volume, and batteries) as one of the dumbest things to spring from the mind of intelligent inventors.

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