Love Me “Tenure”

Ok, I do like some of Elvis Presley’s music; I thought this picture was somewhat appropriate for the fact that Clark Atlanta, a historically black college, has laid off a number of faculty members — tenured and non tenured alike. Education is often thought to be a safe place in today’s economy — yes this is true, unless you are in a lower tier private school or college. I suspect the issue at this historically black college is one of mismanagement and leadership. Many black colleges have become endangered species in recent years. This I find disturbing. I do have a future post on the future of black colleges.

Read here.


3 thoughts on “Love Me “Tenure”

  1. It is a sad though not surprising thing, given the state of the economy, that people at Clark Atlanta are losing their jobs. Hopefully we can turn the economy around and perhaps a generation from now we’ll perceive that it was the start of a new era that led to greater human fluorishing.

  2. You are right Steve; I am impacted by the economy and jobs for the first time. This is an emotional matter. We often time read about people being out of work, but do not think about its impact on lives.

  3. This is very unfortunate. However, the more specialized a (in this case) institution of higher learning is, the more difficult it will be for it to survive in these tough times. Clothing stores will go out of business before Wal-Mart does, Blockbuster will go out of business before Best-Buy, etc. If things keep going the way they do, black colleges and other small schools will probably lay off even more faculty members and may even close their doors.

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