Teaching Great Students Part VI


I hope to introduce a few of my students this week; I have had a number of them write articles for this blog before. I interviewed a current student who is doing great research on the Ottomans. I will bring that interview to you later this week. For now, admire these cool guys above. They make me feel short for some reason.

Here at Houston Christin we have a program in which students are grouped with a [quote] mentor teacher; the concept is that I and those with me will get to develop a closer relationship outside of the halls of the school; I could do a better job here. I am hoping that we will take a moment from time to time to get a cup of coffee or as we did a few days ago, have pizza for lunch together. Like any family, we all have very busy schedules making this gathering difficult at times. Because our campus is small enough, it is difficult for any one student to feel left out. The great thing here is that we have a dynamic group of teachers that make all students feel welcomed. That is the nice part of being a liberal arts school.

According to HCHS:

Mentoring Program

For 2008-2009 we will continue to have “Junior Mentors”, upperclassmen willing to take on a leadership role in 9th and 10th grade mentor groups. The mentoring program offers the HCHS student a small-group connection, providing an informal setting for regular sharing and discussion of life’s challenges. Mentor groups meet with a faculty advisor for monthly Mentoring Meetings, and will spend special time praying for one another during chapel and throughout the year. Mentor groups also provide a venue for leadership focus as part of the Passport to Lead Program.


3 thoughts on “Teaching Great Students Part VI

  1. We put a program much like that in place, except ours focused much more on academics than yours. We focus on a cohort of guiding students through academic choices over a period of years.

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