Academic Life and Being Bohemian

Academic types will tell you that it is important to find a place to belong to; it is important to have the social outlet in which one can discuss life, politics, academic work, study, read, have a drink, and meet diverse people. Vibrant communities tend to be made up of bars and coffee houses that permit various groups to socialize and interact with those of like mind, and not so like minded. A bohemian venue often time tends to attract a more educated audience from the middle class; however, its diversity often but not usually extends beyond class.


I spend a number of hours on the weekends, at night, and after school at the Onion Creek, a diverse bar, eatery, and coffee house found in Houston’s The Heights, a historical district around the corner from downtown. Here you find groups of different races – primarily Asian, black, white, and middle eastern. Moreover, places such as the Onion Creek are usually gay/lesbian friendly, and politically leftist. Like many places of this nature, one cannot help but sit on the patio and people watch; I find much joy observing the various interracial couples that hang out here. It is easy to get lost in a conversation with a complete stranger over the day’s issue of the New York Times. But, most people that come to this particular venue do so in a group or with a partner. For me, I like any good company. I love having lunch or coffee here with a favorite student. Yes, I do have favorites.


Above: Carson post hours at the Onion Creek


Above: Outside patio of the Onion Creek


Above: Cool setting and interesting people make this place ideal after work.


5 thoughts on “Academic Life and Being Bohemian

  1. I love (and frequent) Onion Creek. I try to head over there as often as possible on the weekends or afternoons – before the bar crowd comes in. Too bad there aren’t more places like it on our side of town.

    Another one of my favorites is Cafe Brasil – it is more in the Montrose area. The scones are amazing. Great pizza too.

    Speaking of coffee – did you get the email I sent you earlier?

  2. I am with you Crason. This place is tight. Here in Tampa we have a few placs like this. Do you get wifi? That makes difference, but it can create for a geeky crowed. Then people do not want to talk.

  3. Onion Creek…for real Carson? That places is BOSS. I’m having my graduation party there. It reminds me of Austin a lot, which is why I just love going there.

    I always knew you were my favorite teacher!

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