Poor Practices in Institutional Hiring

I have long noted that institutions that practice academic incest and inbreeding do their students the greatest disservice. Not only does it allow for a sense of anti-intellectualism and closed mindedness, but it also stunts an institution’s growth. Schools that continue to hire only those that attended its institution or have some type of close tie cannot fully offer a true education to its community; I have found this to be the case among a number of baptist and church of Christ schools — secondary and college. Furthermore, one must wonder whether or not such institutions have any desire to become a top tier school. I must say I have become weary of religious schools that ask applicants questions in ways I deem quasi discriminatory. For example, there is a school in the Nashville area that asks the following questions on its application:

  1. Have you traveled abroad?
  2. Do you consume alcohol or smoke?
  3. If you are single, please list the name of the last person you had a close relationship with?
  4. Are you divorced?

There is no way I would be a part of any institution that asked the above questions. Furthermore, I have stated before that I will never have anything to do with institutions that believe one must be of the same religious sect or attend that school’s “church” in order to obtain employment. I love the religious diversity HCHS offers.

Below, read the employment statement found on Bob Jones University’s employment page. Pretty scary.

Disclaimer: The jobs posted here are open to individuals who have previous ties to Bob Jones University whether they be educational, familial, churches with a history of BJU interests, etc. –only those who have such relationships or other ties that the University would consider to be in alignment with our charter, creed, mission statement, and general policies.

Bob Jones University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, age, national origin, protected disability, marital status or veteran status.


16 thoughts on “Poor Practices in Institutional Hiring

  1. I agree. It’s a shame that some schools and people just cannot get past things however, I also think they (and other businesses) have every right to hire whoever they darn well please.

  2. I disagree with Roland. Places do not have the right to ask certain questions that have nothing to do with their ability to do their job. I do think knowing if one has traveled might be helpful. It does discriminate against those of us that cannot afford to do so.

  3. I love that disclaimer. Here is the only type of applicant we accept and lastly we don’t discriminate. The relationship question is probably targeted to inter-racial couples since they don’t like that kind of thing at BJU. HCHS is fairly religiously diverse at least it was when I was there, but only among different Christian sects. There was a plurality of Baptists though.

  4. I think that every time we allow any “private” organization to discriminate in hiring like this we make it that much more likely that other organizations will try to slip such stuff in to hiring considerations. Also, I thought at first, “Who cares what Bob Jones University does?” But, of course, when you let one through another 10 or twenty slip in along with it. Where does it stop.

    I put private in quotes because what does that mean? Are they not a part of the American community? What would happen if we all had to play on the up and up? Maybe corruption would be diminished.

  5. Tin Man, if you don’t like it, don’t work there. A private company has every right to ask you whatever they please. At least they should. They are in the business to teach and to make money. Not necessarily in that order. If they hire someone who is going to reduce their money coming in, that is a huge problem.

    If a company does not hire certain people and enough of the population pulls their business from them, they will no longer be open.

    What we don’t need is Govco deciding things. You know, if I owned a business, I would not hire smokers. They are expensive to employ, they are sick more often, they are overweight and they stink. I should be able to say no to that.

  6. Roland,

    “They are expensive to employ, they are sick more often, they are overweight and they stink.”

    First of all, how are smokers more expensive to employ? Second of all, while they are at greater risk for long term health problems, they are not more likely to be out sick on a day-to-day basis than anyone else. And you’re saying that you would not hire someone because they are overweight and/or smell bad in your opinion? Give me a break. Smoking is a personal choice. It’s a bad one, but unless someone is smoking in the office and putting others at risk, not hiring them is stupid. But since smokers can be smart too, I guess it would be your loss.

    Sorry that everyone else can’t be the epitome of health like you, Roland.

  7. I may be asking a stupid question but how does where you traveled last tie in to anything? If anything, I would want to hire someone more if they traveled abroad then not. Unless that’s the purpose.

  8. Dillon, they cost more due to the fact you have to provide more insurance, they take more breaks, ARE out sick more, etc….but, don’t take it from me:

    Dillon, what you fail to understand, since you are so young, is that if I am an employer, I am going to look to make money and not waste money. I want the most out of each dollar I spend. So, I have option A who is a smoker and option b who is not. Who is going to take more breaks? Who is going to cost me more in insurance? Who is going to have more health issues and, along with more insurance, is going to call in sick more? Well, that would be option A.

    What I was trying to point out though is that I should be able to hire whoever I want for whatever reason I want.

  9. Ah, please forgive me. Sometimes I forget how young and stupid I am.


    I realize that capitalist pigs like you only care about maximizing profits. If you ran a business – thankfully you don’t – you would probably cut corners by using sweatshop labor, etc. You can’t be blamed though – a society that only cares about money and nonessential goods tends to breed ignorance.

    If I ran a business, I wouldn’t care if my employees smoked. My goal would be to get the brightest and best people to work with me. If they need to take a cigarette break every hour or go home and get drunk every night, then that’s fine by me. As long as they are good at what they do, then I’m happy.

    I have news for you: creative people are weird. That’s why they are creative. By hiring people that are just like you, you would accomplish nothing. Your company would not be innovative. So, the government mandating that you don’t discriminate in your hiring practices would actually benefit you in the long run. Who knows how long it would take you to get over yourself though…

    Since you said “if I am an employer,” I can only assume that you don’t run your own business. Maybe there’s a reason for that!

    Guess what Roland? I can be a jerk too!

  10. Maximizing profits is what a business does Dillon. Go back to school and learn something (unless of course you go to public school then I will forgive your ignorance).

  11. False. Businesses provide products and/or services to consumers. They don’t just “maximize profits.” Some companies want to provide consumers with things that will enhance their quality of life, even if it doesn’t mean making the most money possible.

    No, I don’t attend public school. Not that it’s any of your business and/or makes a difference anyway…

  12. Capitalist pigs? so we obviously now know what economic system you favor. And by the way a companies goals are to not necessarily to maximize profits but companies do exist to make money. The whole reason for the Businesses provide those goods and services is incentive. With out incentive no one would produce or invent any new products. So money actually does have a lot to do with a business. Huh who would of thunk it?

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