Spring Break: Running, Politics, and Little Rock Day 1


The Little Rock half-Marathon is how I am kicking off my spring break; I will be very busy finishing a paper and preparing for a seminar upon my return next week to Houston. And, I still need to complete a project I hope to present to my department chair regarding our curriculum; however, for now, I am looking to have a great race and set a new half-marathon PR; I ran the LR Marathon six years ago but must say it has grown a great deal since. Assuming I can make it work with my teaching schedule next month, I plan to run the Country Music Marathon in Nashville next month.


Above: 1/2 Marathon Route

Starting my spring break off by running in my favorite city is a joy; after graduate school I accepted a teaching appointment here at a k-12 private day school. During my four years at Little Rock’s CAC, I taught a number of courses in the history department while serving as head coach for both the men’s and women’s tennis and cross country teams. It was not unusual for me to go on a training run in the AM with my best runners, while conducting my own runs in the afternoon; I would often log some 70 – 90 miles per week. But, such training came at a number of costs; it was normal for me to limp around injured and upset by my lack of discipline. In 2005, I even put on 50 lbs due to burnout and injury. Those days are clearly behind me as I predict a number of great runs over the course of six months; I even think I have a chance to qualify for Boston. Of course talk is cheap. I do miss my days here in LR; I love Arkansas and long to visit when I can.


One cannot visit Little Rock without visiting its River Market; it is here that houses a number of great bars, restaurants, coffee shops, stores, and both the Bill Clinton Museum and Presidential Library. Before picking up my race pack, I toured the museum taking note of the great stuff to purchase. I even ran into Bill Clinton as noted by the picture I took with him.


Above: Carson and Bill talking about Monica Lewinsky


Above: Carson on Clinton Avenue in downtown Little Rock



Above: Runners visit various vendors during pre-race activities in the Convention Center


2 thoughts on “Spring Break: Running, Politics, and Little Rock Day 1

  1. Post what time you made it in tomorrow Carson. Good luck and I’ll be praying.

    Bill’s looking a little thin these days :).

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