7 Minutes and 39 Seconds Per Mile Pace Today


It was a great race! I met a few teachers while standing around during the post-race festivities. My training was good as I posted a pretty good time. Though I can improve on what I did, I am not frustrated; the volunteers were great and the runners who traveled from all over the country were extremely polite. I will say that the Little Rock course was brutal. The hills were long and very steep. Below are a few pictures of the race:


Pizza D Action is one of the more Bohemian spots in Little Rock; it is a popular place for students and those who like to socialize with strangers after a long day of work and/or study; it is not a place where academic types spend their time discussing Proust or Faulkner as found at the Onion Creek in Houston. Still, it is a progressive minded place. And, their pizzas and wings are the best.


Above: Janette displaying her medal while finishing a post-race snack


Above: In the lobby during post-race activities sporting my medal

I plugged my results into a formula that breaks down my running economy. I am convinced I might have had a faster time on an easier course, but I do know that I must add more miles and speed work into my training. I am pulling 50 miles per week now; I am seriously thinking about adding 15 more miles as well as conducting two runs per day 2 – 3 times per week.

Below is a breakdown of my race performance. I covered 13.1 miles at a per mile pace of 7 minutes and 39 seconds; I finished in the top ten in my age category, and 134 out of 2,600 runners of the 13.1 event. Here is my race analysis. As you can see, my marathon prediction time is still 15 minutes off of a Boston Q time.

Based on a half marathon race at 01:40:25, your projected finish times for the following distances should be:

1500m         6:06
the mile        6:34
3000m(3k)    12:43
3200m(about 2 miles) 13:37
5000m(5k)     21:51
8000m(8k)     35:57
5 miles           36:10
10,000m(10k) 45:33
ten miles         1:15:25
a half marathon 1:40:25
a marathon      3:29:22


Above: Spectators move about to position themselves for the start of the event.


Above: Janette visits with race official minutes before the gun starts the event.


Above: Athletes wander around the River Market


6 thoughts on “7 Minutes and 39 Seconds Per Mile Pace Today

  1. Come on…you just finished a marathon…smile! Unless you bit off the cap of that cigar and have remnants in your teeth – in which case I am glad you didn’t smile.

  2. It’s a bit crude but I just have to…..

    When I saw the picture of you enjoying the victory cigar, I thought, “You know, this picture is a bit Vito Corleone….

    a bit Sammy Jackson (shout outs to Coach Carter)……

    and a bit ‘oh yeah, I’m the stud! I just finished a marathon and now I’ve got to fart so bad.'”

    Like I said…….crude, but at least my brothers thought it was funny.

  3. LukeD: I am going to give it a try. My training has been good but not as great; I hope to get it an effort in the next 6 months. My time should get better.

    Dillon: I am happy — inside. It was a bad pix.

    Patrick: I am all of the above. That is funny!

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