Coach K on Obama

I did not get my brackets filled out; I wanted to participate in Mark Elrod’s ESPN brackets, but could not get the darn thing to accept  my pass word. Let us see how Obama does.

Mike Krzyzewski doesn’t like it when his Duke team gets disrespected by referees, poll voters or the media. Now he can add “leader of the free world” to that list.

Responding to an Associated Press reporter’s question about Barack Obama picking against Duke in his much-hyped tournament pickswhich were broadcast on ESPN today, Krzyzewski said:

“Somebody said that we’re not in President Obama’s Final Four, and as much as I respect what he’s doing, really, the economy is something that he should focus on, probably more than the brackets.” 


26 thoughts on “Coach K on Obama

  1. Like you pointed out, I think Coach K is sensitive when people pick his team. The fact that Duke hasn’t had any success in the NCAAT in recent years probably has something to do with that.

    Obama’s bracket isn’t looking so good…I think he missed 5 games yesterday.

  2. Oh, come off it, Coach K; quit whining. Everyone, up to and including the President, gets to have a little fun. I WANT my President to know how to kick back and enjoy himself every once in a while.

    I have NO idea what’s going on; I become a March Madness widow up to the point that Syracuse is out of the tournament (Mr. Chili is ditching out of work at lunchtime so he can watch their first game). I love football for myself and I learned to watch baseball for love; I’m drawing my line at basketball (besides, I’m neck-deep in a great series of books…).

  3. I caught a clip on Good Morning America yesterday with Obama filling out the “Presidential Bracket”. I thought it was going to be cheesy, but I was impressed by:

    1) Obama’s knowledge of the teams
    2) Obama’s immaculate dry-erase board handwriting

    There has been some ribbing at the guy for filling out a bracket on the job, but it’s not like he sat down for a multi-hour fantasy football draft. Again, I was impressed that he had at least cursory knowledge of the teams. If I remember correctly, he said the reason he didn’t pick Duke was they may have a weakness in their ability to defend the interior. Take THAT, Coach K! 😀

    “Dave the mechanic left Duke out of the Final Four? Maybe he should stick to changing the timing belt on that car.”

    “Wendy the secretary left Duke out of the Final Four? Maybe she should think about answering that phone call rather than fill out a bracket.”

    “Joe the Plumber left Duke out of the Final Four? Maybe he should quit filling out brackets and spend more time spreading the wealth.”

    Okay, Coach K, you got your shin-kick in on the Prez for dissing your team. Gotta say I kinda liked that he filled a bracket out, though.

  4. Penmanship — Mrs Chili, you are an English professor; I always cheer for Duke, but “K” is being a bit of a baby here; I thought Obama called it right. I just hope he does not turn into “W” with the whole foot in the mouth issue: His Special Olympics comments was really bad.

  5. I am on the side of anything that keeps our President from meddling with the economy. His ideas and actions thus far have been pretty lousy. I actually saw something funny at a mechanics shop close to my house the other day that sums it up pretty nicely. It was a list of these pretty clever sayings:

    Recession—your neighbors lose their jobs
    Depression—you lose your job
    Panic—your wife loses her job
    Recovery—Obama loses his job

    Right now I would settle for only Geithner losing his job because an impeachment this early in Obama’s presidency would only worsen racial tensions that are o-so-evidently elevated since the election. However, I would expect that when the unemployment rate rises to over 15% and the DOW drops below 4,000 points, people will likely be ready for the RIGHT kind of change (sorry, I was feeling a little punny today).

  6. “Right now I would settle for only Geithner losing his job because an impeachment this early in Obama’s presidency would only worsen racial tensions that are o-so-evidently elevated since the election”

    You think so seeing that most whites endorsed and elected him? Keep in mind Patrick that your community is a very small while conservative one. There is a bigger world Do you think the race thing was already there among small minded backwards thinking people? I suspect so. I mean, a lot of people are not that bright. So, what is to keep them from calling the man a communist? But hey, they make be look far smarter than I am. I wonder if I am getting smarter or is it that those small minded racist are talking more about stuff they heard 5 minutes of on FOX news? That is it: I am not getting smarter as I once thought. More people who know little or who have not read a real book are talking more. Man…

  7. Coach K needs to shutup and stick to coaching. But, in his defense, if I was making 1.5mil+ per year I would probably be a Republican too.

  8. The racial tension comment was merely an observation from my recent trip to New York City. Not once since I have been alive have I thought myself better than anyone, certainly not on the basis of the color of my skin, but people there certainly did not have a problem voicing the assumption that since I was a Caucasian riding the on subway system, I was merely mocking their “poverty” and insulting them because I could supposedly afford a taxi just as easily. Perhaps I am wrong for making such an observation about elevated racial tensions because of the fact that I was only in one area of our great country, but I certainly never thought the words “elitist” and “pig” would ever emerge outside of discussions about “The American Political Tradition,” but people certainly did not restrain from using that phrase when they found out I was from Texas (merely assuming that I was a republican by way of my geographical region). I agree that the issue of race was already ingrained in the minds of some, but I definitely think that race has regrettably become a much bigger issue since the election.

    Oh, and don’t worry Carson, we all know that you get smarter by the second. I would be willing to bet that you are the only human on earth that doesn’t loose 50,000 brain cells per day after age 21.

  9. “Not once since I have been alive have I thought myself better than anyone, certainly not on the basis of the color of my skin, but people there certainly did not have a problem voicing the assumption that since I was a Caucasian riding the on subway system, I was merely mocking their “poverty” and insulting them because I could supposedly afford a taxi just as easily.”

    Sorry, but I have trouble believing this. I have traveled to New York City MANY times to visit family, and always take the subway or walk. AT LEAST 50% of the people on the subway are white – always. Not to mention that I have never heard anyone talk on the subway – New Yorkers are not very chatty and are generally absorbed in other activities while commuting. Forgive me for being so harsh, but I am guessing that you either did something to provoke someone or this story isn’t entirely true.

  10. Dillon-I’m pretty sure Coach K has shut up and stuck to coaching. His team is pretty good if you haven’t noticed…..

    And so the only people who are Republicans are those who make 1.5 million per year? I’m pretty sure I know a lot of people who make just a wee bit less than that and are Republicans.

    Mr. Carson-You’ve really got it out for FOX news, don’t ya? 🙂

  11. Dillon: Uh…sorry to burst your bubble, but I was entirely honest about this. Perhaps you were referring to the train system that runs out of Grand Central. Most of the people on it were Caucasian and absorbed in what they were doing. As for the subway however, it is true that the people there were absorbed in something else, but maybe I should have asked someone else how many stops were left until Grand Central Station. Doing that probably “provoked” a question from the man about where I was from. Maybe he was having a bad day and decided to merely generalize based on geography-your guess is as good as mine. As far as provocation though, I would hardly consider a question from a directionally challenged person about ETAs as such.

    That is besides the point though. I was merely stating that I have found racial tensions to be elevated since the election. Perhaps that was a generalization on the basis of one event itself. I doubt it, but it is possible.

    Carson: Yeah, the same way that we all eat BBQ for lunch on sundays and spend all of our free time hunting and fishing (Bass Pro Shop hasn’t done anything for that image though…

  12. I think it needs to be pointed out that time and time and time again, when Bush would do something like this, the press and Democrats would rip him apart and make fun of him for not paying attention to the important issues yet when Obama does it, those same people defend him.

    Also, I could really care less about March Madness but as much as you may dislike Coach K, the man knows how to win.

  13. Carson, good choice on rootin for Duke. I was so excited when I saw them win last night.

    However, I think Obama SHOULD focus on his presidency right now. Going on Leno, keeping up with NCAA, stuff like that. Those are all really cool things, but he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, not a regular citizen. He needs to focus on the issues here (despite the fact that he would probably just make things worse).

    BTW, in his first 100 days his approval ratings are lower than Bush’s during the same period in his presidency. Probably because Obama has passed more b.s. than Bush ever did (two ridiculous spending bills, allowing taxpayers money to go to unnecessary funding, condoning earmarks including inserting some of his own (Funding for ACORN) etc.), and his numerous gaffes. Look up what the federal budget committee is predicting about his spending/budget.

    Wow, first post in like two months and it’s a relentless attack. Sorry y’all.

  14. And Dillon, I am a conservative republican, my family makes around 50,000. The assumption that republicans choose a side based on money is ridiculous and not to mention very discriminatory. Our beliefs are based on morals, not money.

    Also, your side of the isle is the one spending billions (actually trillions) right now, not mine.

  15. I don’t know where you’re getting those approval figures, Josh. this graph indicates that Bush’s average approval rating never came close to the roughly 60% that this article indicates.

    Please let us know where you got your stats.

  16. I should correct the above statement, Pres. Bush’s approval rating did not get over 60% until after 9/11–well after his first 100 days of office. I forgot to insert that in the last comment.

  17. I was thinking the same. Better yet, not only were W’s numbers down, he had members so I “recall” leaving his staff due to his unwillingness to listen. Great point and link iantrevor.

  18. iantrevor, how about Clinton traveling overseas more than any other President in history and, please, don’t feed me the line that he was “working”.

  19. All my life i have loved Duke and Coach K., and he is right in the fact that the president should not be making bets on basketball game. He has more things to look into and fix and making predictions is something that he should not have done. It does not matter if he watches the games but he should not go televised showing off his bracket.

  20. Ah… I saw this post and I was highly intrigued by it. I am a big Duke Blue Devils fan and a supporter of Obama. While in my bracket I had Duke going to the final four, I think this an uncharacteristic comment out of Coach K. Obama taking thirty minutes of his day to put his bracket is not a wrong. It is not if he could fix the entire American economy in that amount of time. I think this whole Obama’s bracket ordeal was a way of ESPN just trying to loosen us tight Americans and let us understand that there is a normal personality in Obama and that he is just like any other sports lover. I do not thinking he was betting on the games, and if he did, so what? It is a right that all Americans have and I believe one of the required traits to be the President is to be American? Coach K is a great basketball coach, but needs keep his mouth focused on his Dukies and not what Obama is or is not doing. Give Barak a break. He has not been in office that long.

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