The Political Cartel on Obama

Great blog post over at the The Political Cartel. These bright current and former Harding University students evaluate Obama’s first term thus far. For those of you looking to blame the economy on a man who has not been in office 100 days, read this post here.

8 thoughts on “The Political Cartel on Obama

  1. That piece was hilariously pro-Obama. The health care point gave it away early, toeing the Obama line about how our health care costs are causing huge numbers of bankruptcies.

    Looked it up:

    The “Distractions” section was a laugher, too. To suggest it has been the GOP alone whining about the AIG executive bailouts shows ideological blinders the size of hubcaps. Like the health care paragraph, this one is full of reality-bending, pro-Obama talking points. Many of the “distractions” that have come up have been of the administration’s own making, to the point that some Democrats are getting frustrated.

    Is the current economy all Obama’s fault? Of course not. At some point very soon, however, the public will begin to see if the new administration has been able to make some lemonade out of the lemons. If not, that is on Obama. If so, then good for him and the country.

  2. Yes Matt — but absolute objectivity is not possible; still, there was merit in the health care problem. And, Dems in congress are not all too happy about AIG b/c they want to get re=elected. Remember, it takes additional economic cycles before for we will see the impact of the stimulus.

  3. Assuming there is a health care problem, is government-run health care or socialized medicine the best or only way to go? The way politicians skew data for their own purposes can be irritating, and possibly dangerous.

    Is Obama using incorrect data to sell government health care any better than Bush using faulty data to sell the need for Sadaam to be removed?

    The regular visitors to this site may recall my attempts to extol patience regarding the progress of the battle in Iraq. When “the surge” was announced, many felt the war was already lost. To borrow your sentence, doesn’t it take additional [battlefield] cycles before we will see the impact of the [strategy]?

    I absolutely agree that we should be patient and see how the stimulus works. Even if it doesn’t work, I hope the President will come up with a new economic “surge” that will do the job. Judging Presidents day-by-day and even week to week is a little short-sighted.

  4. Hey Matt S, thanks for reading the article. I think you misread a couple of things though.

    This is a fairly small thing, but I didn’t say that health care related costs cause 54% of bankruptcies or any other number like that. I said they are the number one cause, which still seems to be true, despite whatever criticisms may be leveled at the Harvard study. Even if that were untrue and we all accepted your number of 17%… that is still a very large number of bankruptcies! That should be enough to catalyze some action.

    You also read the distractions part backwards. I didn’t say that only Republicans are making these distracting arguments. I said that distracting arguments are all that Republicans are making. You just reinforce that point by continuing with them instead of offering any sort of actual, substantial criticism or reasonable alternative. Thank you for that.

    Finally, I never claimed to be unbiased. Political Cartel has a very long history of me posting articles, most of which you would consider pro-Obama. That isn’t a criticism as much as a “duh” observation.

    Thanks for reading, though! Cheers!

  5. Hey, David! 🙂

    Carson does not let good writers go unnoticed. I only chuckle because I was expecting a more objective link, which was not the point of your article. I enjoyed reading it, and even agree with you in some areas. As a proper defense of Obama, I felt the need to throw a challenge flag since some of it read (to me) as administration talking points.

    While you did not say that a bankruptcy occurs every 30 seconds due to health care costs, the President did. There is a huge difference between 17% (the study’s number) and 54% when trying to make informed decisions on policy. Glossing it over as “a leading cause of bankruptcies” hides the true impact when deciding how high to prioritize health care with the economy and sounds like blind acceptance of whatever the President says.

    Hasn’t the “distractions” defense reached its expiration date yet? It’s rather vague.

    Republicans have only themselves to blame for their minority status. To suggest they are not trying to participate in the legislative process forgets that Pelosi and Reid are giving the GOP (and quite a few Democrats) the stiff arm right now. To shrug off bi-partisanship and then claim the opposition has no ideas is par for the course in washington these days (and that is a dig at Republicans too).

  6. Matt, it could be that Republicans are advocating serious alternative proposals and not just distractions. Maybe those serious alternatives aren’t making it to the floor in Congress or past the media filter. I really haven’t seen anything that looks like a serious counter-offer to the Obama economic response.

    (Let’s also remember that it is not that different from the Bush economic response – all this government bailout stuff started under the Bush administration)

    What would be a serious alternative, though? I’m sure they are out there, but that is not what Republicans are talking about when they criticize the president’s plans. They almost completely focus on the pork and the bonuses – two things that are tiny numerical blips on the face of a massive economic crisis and response. Hence, I call them distractions.

  7. Obama said it last night in his press conference: “This is hard.” I totally agree. Republicans would have liked to have seen more tax and spending cuts in the stimulus bills, but no one knows for sure what is the best course to take. I cut everyone a little slack on the topic of propping up the AIGs and fixing the credit mess. Bush felt the need to dump a bunch of cash in there, and Obama seems to agree.

    I admit to a little confusion on the other parts of Obama’s economic plan. It was nice to see some pointed questions directed to him last night, particularly on how he will cut the deficit in half…after quadrupling it (which elicited the “this is hard” statement). The President keeps saying we need to fix health care, energy, and education to stimulate the economy, but a massive spending hike coupled with higher taxes on energy seem like economy-killers. Now that his plan and budget are out in earnest, we’ll have to look under the hood and see if it’s viable.

  8. Those are good questions. In a lot of ways, I wish that the opposition were more substantive because I don’t like the idea of taking an idea just because it is the only real idea on the table. It isn’t really just as simple as all of these federal programs to secure loans, buy bad debt, etc. or do nothing at all. There have to be other options, and I wish we were hearing more.

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