A Cuban in the Mix

I love receiving gifts from students; I got a great post card from a student visiting London over the break, and I have another gift coming from a student who was also in London. Two years ago I got a great tie from a group of students visiting Austria; I wore it earlier this year but have received threats due to its MIA status. But it might be the most recent gift I got from a student that has put a smile on my face: A Cuban cigar; I was just chatting with a former colleague (Anita Davis) over lunch last week  and college teacher (Mark Elrod) that I have long regretted giving away a set of Cubans. They were gifts to other people after a visit to Spain. While putting a few files up and books back in their proper place this morning, a student who I have yet to teach brought me an encased Cohiba Cuban from Havana, Cuba. I will have to place it in my special cigar box in my study at home. I do have great students!

Update: That other student (Jenny Drews) bought me a cool Oxford University shirt and an Edward pen that states:”An independent person who aims high.” I think that is me. According to Drews:”I can now look smart.” I will give it a good effort.


7 thoughts on “A Cuban in the Mix

  1. Who gave it to you Carson? I can only think of one person from HCHS that would have been to Cuba. That’s a good gift idea though, if I had the chance I would get my Grandpa one (if I could get it past customs).

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