Obama and Affirmative Action by Jaylon Williams

You can read more about the Threat to Affirmative Action at the Black ProfessorI addressed the topic of AA here as it relates to the Courts. I stated:

I cannot help but express my frustration with the Court’s ability to draw a moral equivalence between historic and contemporary discrimination against blacks, and the so-called “discrimination” against whites in order to secure racial balance in schools or to promote the inclusion of minorities in the name of diversity.

  Here is part of the conversation at The Black Professor:

Diminishing racism may have allowed President Obama’s victory, but racism certainly lives in the electorate.  More broadly speaking, racial and gender inequality undeniably persists, necessitating some public policy favoring affirmative action laws and diversity efforts by the public and private sectors.  Although individuals of racialized minorities cannot be expected to all line up behind affirmative action, it is indeed unfortunate that for our heroine Betty, and indeed for our new President, saying “no” to affirmative action proves the ultimate key to white approval.   Let us hope this is merely a storyline and not a misguided compass for public policy.


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