My Sunday


I just pulled off a monster run today in preparation for another 1/2 marathon next weekend; I hope to continue to build on my runs as I get ready for a few marathons…. We shall see. If you have not met my 9 month old Abbey, here she is; I thought I would take her around the block as a recovery walk after a long hard training run. Ignore the date on the picture. I need to learn how to fix that thing. Speaking of long runs, here is one: I was asked to write an article to be published for an online magazine on the late John Hope Franklin; it is my goal to draft a really great reflection essay on his impact. I will write more about this topic after the article is complete; I need to mark a number of recent essays before a new set arrives, and I have a few outside academic commitments that need some attention. Tonight is the long night. Hey, it is great being a history teacher. Oh, Mrs. Chili, if you are reading this post, I hope you like the green grass here. But I know you still love me, even if I ran in  75 degree temps today. See you for sure in June if you and the hubby are in town.


2 thoughts on “My Sunday

  1. Ugh! Carson! You TORTURE me with the shorts and the grass and the SEVENTY FIVE DEGREES! I’m crying “MERCY” from my wet 40 degrees and crusty remnants of snowbanks!

    Yes, I still love you and yes, we’ll be here in June – I can’t wait.

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