Great New History Blog

Here is a great new blog by Randell Stephens, a historian and teacher at Eastern Nazarene College called The Historical Society.

About Randell:

Professor Stephens began teaching at ENC in the fall of 2004. He brings expertise in many fields: late 19th and early 20th century US history, American religious history, race, and American popular music. In 2008 Harvard University Press published Stephens’ book, The Fire Spreads: The Origins of Holiness and Pentecostalism in the American SouthThe Atlantic Monthly called it a “masterful account of how the South nurtured and altered a once-marginalized religious movement” and praised it as “the most fluent and authoritative synthesis of a complex and controversial subject.”  Similar accolades appeared in the the Times Literary Supplement and Publishers Weekly. In 2009 the book won the Wesleyan Theological Society’s Timothy L. Smith and Mildred Bangs Wynkoop Book Award.  Stephens is currently writing a book with ENC professor of physics Karl Gibersonon recent American evangelicalism that is under contract with Harvard University Press.  He has composed a number of chapters and articles dealing with religious and cultural history.  He created and manages the ENC history department webpage.  Stephens is also editor of the Journal of Southern Religion and editor of the review of the Historical Society, Historically Speaking. He received the ENC Professional Achievement Award in 2007 and in 2008 the History News Network named him a Top Young Historian

Old Colony 104, Email:, Randall J. Stephens’ CV, course syllabi, sound & vision: heavy rotation,


2 thoughts on “Great New History Blog

  1. As a proud graduate of ENC’s sister school…Southern Nazarene University…I am thrilled a Nazarene institution made mention on The Professor. You should also check out the work of historian Dr. Dennis Williams (also an AP Grader) at SNU( ). He is my intellectual mentor and one of America’s foremost environmental historians (he was once the chief historian for the EPA in D.C.). Lot of good historians come from the Nazarene system.

  2. ENC has a great history department. You should feel proud; I will take a look at Williams’ work. If the two schools are so closely connected, I am not shocked by the production of scholarship at SNU.

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