Good Luck Phil Sinitiere

Today is a big day for my friend and colleague Phil Sinitiere; he will be defending his doctoral dissertation at the University of Houston; Phil’s research interest centers around race and religion. Phil and I are working on a book that looks at WEB Du Bois’s writings and artistic depictions and placing them in a reader. We are opening the reader with an essay on Du Bois’s political and religious constructs; I am writing the political piece while Phil drafts the religious essay. I will say more about this project the closer we are to getting it published; we will spend sometime at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst’s archives this summer finishing the research. Until we can celebrate the completion of this book, let us wish Phil the best today as he presents his research so that he can collect the PhD. Also, congrats to Phil on the publication of his most recent book: Holy Mavericks. See the book cover below.


6 thoughts on “Good Luck Phil Sinitiere

  1. Thanks for the post, Eddie. And thanks to everyone for the nice thoughts. I’m happy to report that I passed, and after making some corrections for the final draft will get signatures and be on my way. After seven long (but mostly enjoyable) years, it is finished!

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