Just Another Day on Campus


This particular section of AP European History spent time on the inner lawn of HCHS; I am a sucker to say the least. They needed additional motivation on what is an absolutely gorgeous day. We discussed World War II and the motivations that drove the likes of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin to seek greater power; it is safe to say that I hate talking about battles and weapons. Thus I do not cover such topics in any of my courses. Next years’ enrollment for both my AP US and AP Euro courses are looking pretty good. My department chair and the academic counseling office has worked really hard to keep my classes small. I like the courses that I am currently teaching; however, I do have hopes of creating a course on black studies. You can see my Euro syllabus here. We are lucky here at HCHS; we have a great campus with excellent facilities.


4 thoughts on “Just Another Day on Campus

  1. First of all, I thought your school had uniforms. Secondly, even if you do and it’s some sort of alternative dress day, why do those girls look ready to go to the prom? And thirdly, you’ve always been a sucker. Don’t think it’s just a recent thing.

  2. Yes you are right — I am a sucker. Our students do wear uniforms as seen by the young men in the picture. Seniors can do not have to wear uniforms on an assembly day or chapel day which is once a week for 60 minutes. As you can tell from the picture, our young men often prefer just to wear a uniform. I do not blame them. It is easy that way.

  3. So you can’t explain why the girls look like nicer than I have looked in almost a year? Darn. I was hoping for some insight into high school girls.

  4. We have Senior Chapel dress days in which we can wear Sunday dress attire to chapel.
    And really now Carson, we never went outside last year. I am hurt.

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