Race Weekend

This past weekend I ran the Rise and Shine 5kin which I won my age division; it was an absolute last second call to run this race — really! The event started with the firing of the gun at 8:30 on April 25th… 2 hours after I decided to register. My miles are down to 30 per week, but I do intend on upping them to 6o in preparation for a series of marathons. The cool thing about this race is while on the return of an out and back, I saw one of my students, who by the way, won her division. I do not train for the shorter road races such as this 3.2 mile one, but they are fun. How about this: In Houston we have “seriously” no hills. So, as I approached my first mile roughly at a 6 minute and 30 second per mile pace, I realized there was a hill. Okay, it was one of those Houston overpasses — but it kicked my butt.

Below are a set of photos taken by the professional photographer. If I look like I am struggling, I am. I have an easier time on 15 mile runs at a 7 minute and 30 second per mile pace than I do on a 3.2 mile run at 6 minutes and 20 seconds.


8 thoughts on “Race Weekend

  1. I’m actually grateful that I have arthritis in my knee, hip, and spine; it gives me a valid excuse for not punishing myself like this. I’ll walk for miles, but don’t ask me to run. I think you’re all insane (but I love you, anyway).

  2. Congrats!

    I ran long-distance track in school and now I run about 2.5 miles every morning…but man do I hate it. I don’t know if I could stomach 60 a week! Good luck with the marathons!

  3. I am envious of your 6.20 pace. Now you need to expand your horizons to cycling. Next year – MS150 – you and me brother! Can you imagine the intellectual conversation we would have on a 180 mile bike ride?

  4. I want to bike some; we will do that some this summer, Dillon. I do not know about buff, but man that last 200 yard rush got to me. As for the marathons — it is something to deal with midlife issues.

    Chili — awesome! all smiles here.

  5. hey cool! after all these years, you’ve still got it dude!! you’ve got the same look on your face that you had when you were running bleachers- hahaha- like you’re having so much fun! can you imagine my eyes rolling?

    at least you’ve kept it up!! great job, sir….

  6. Carson, I agree about the 5K being too fast. It really is nicer to be able to relax a little in longer races…

    Another thing, your 3.2 mile time beats my 3 mile time. I guess I will have to start running some more!

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