Student to Attend Harding’s Honors Symposium


Left to Right: Jaime Zeal, Ashley Giffen, & Rachel Gracy

Jaime Zeal was a bright spot in my United States history course this past year; she will be attending my Alma Mater this summer and will most likely apply for admission come next fall. This summer Jaime will participate in Harding university’s Summer Honor Program. It is always great to learn about students making the most of their summer. I will have Zeal, Giffen, and Gracy  again next year for Advanced Placement European history. I am pretty lucky. According to Zeal, she will be taking a U.S. History course from Columbus to 1877 during the two week study; I cannot wait to hear the comparison of my former department’s course and my current U.S. history course.  I am sure she will see a difference. I just finished writing Zeal’s letter of recommendation to Harding earlier today. Jaime, it will seem very easy after my course. Though we have had students apply, I am thinking she might be the first to attend.

Here is the program:

The Harding Honors Symposium is a two-week academic program on the Searcy campus designed to challenge, encourage, and uplift high school students who are now in their junior year (students graduating in the class of 2010). Those who are accepted into the Symposium attend class with outstanding professors, engage in community service projects, enjoy recreational activities and invariably form lasting friendships with other junior scholars. Three hours of university credit is awarded to all who successfully complete the Symposium. This credit is transferable to the college or university of the participant’s choice. The course content is designed to appeal to students of both the humanities and the sciences. At Harding, Symposium credit may be applied to the following courses:

  • English 201 or 202
  • History 101, 102, 110 or 111
  • Art 101
  • Music 101

In the previous five years, students from more than 40 states and six foreign countries have attended the Symposium.


7 thoughts on “Student to Attend Harding’s Honors Symposium

  1. Jaime: Hey, great props for taking the initiative and taking part in such an interesting summer program. It seems like it will be difficult, but how hard can it truly be, right?

    Carson: Don’t you think that you are overemphasizing the….rigority, if you will…..of your course? Lol, just joking, it was definitely a hard course and I heard that the multiple choice for the AP test was a killer. I do not think you should give Jaime any preconceived notions about what this course will be like, though. It has been a few years since you graduated you know.

  2. Thank-you so much Carson for the recommendation! I am really looking forward to the class in the summer. Next year I will have a detail report for you I promise.

    Thanks again! And don’t worry, I will make you proud.

  3. Jaime Zeal? Harding? Never saw that one coming! Either way…I hope you have a great time this summer and learn a lot! If you happen to make a pit stop at the Clinton Library in Arkansas then you have to buy me something FYI.

  4. Patrick,

    I never mentioned anything about her political beliefs. I just never expected her to be interested in Harding, as not too many people from HCHS are even familiar with it.


    Yes, you are well known Carson’s circles. Your name frequently comes up in conversations about his Alma Matter. Yesterday, Carson told me all about “The Elrod Challenge” and his failed attempts to Ace your courses.

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