Another Great Student


Above: Veronica Forge and Carson

My soon to be former student Veronica Forge and I took a quick picture today for her scrapbook. The English department here and at my former school requires each student to construct a 15 page scrapbook. I am blessed to have had Veronica for three [years] courses: World History (sophomore year), AP United States History (junior year), and AP European History (senior year). Veronica is a very special student in that she committed herself to being a great student. Though she earned high marks, her focus is on knowledge and ideas.  She is insightful and always looking to add a comment during our class meetings. Veronica will be attending Baylor University in the fall where she will concentrate in African American Studies. Again, as I reflect on the number of great students I teach, I find myself smiling at their transformation and potential. She has been a great campus leader and a wonderful mentor to many of our younger African American students. Much like Josh Farris, she has done a great job educating our campus on matters important to the black community.  I have the best job on the planet.


8 thoughts on “Another Great Student

  1. I’m REALLY hoping that I can take the job in September (of course, that brings up a lot of complicated emotions, but I won’t go into that here). I MISS having students, and I’m looking forward to building those relationships again!

    Don’t we have the greatest job EVER!?

  2. Chili,

    I read your post on the new job. And Carson is always bringing your name up. You will do very well — no doubt about it. I guess the change will be the challenge. We do have a great job. I cannot imagine life without books and students.

  3. All the best Veronica. You will do great things. I am sure Carson has been a great mentor. It is important that African Americans create a sense of community on campuses. It is also good to hear that your community is so open to important topics dealing with blacks.

  4. Good luck to Veronica. Baylor is a great school and with people like her it will continue to be so. Received a graduation card from my niece, Rachel Allison, today. She graduates from there this week end. Go Bears!

  5. Good for Veronica, she will like Baylor…ALOT! Even with some of the things that happen in the past (Reactions of Obama becoming the next president) it is still an accepting campus.

    Also Steve, I know your niece, I have played ball with her and helped her practice. I hope the best for her.

    J. Farris

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