Summer Running Thoughts

Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX by docoleg.


An oak alley along the Rice Boulevard, Rice University, Houston, TX

After reducing my miles to less than 30 over the last few weeks to rest, I have again increased my miles this week; I have set my running schedule and events that I would like to race; however, I have done this before in the distant past. Five years ago I upped my miles to around a 100 per week. This was just before a slew of injuries plagued me. I am smarter these days. And yes, I am much older. But, the key difference between the old me and the new me is “sense.” I actually listen to my body — kinda, sorta…. My training week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday.  My typical run will be an 8 – 12 mile run, with a longer run on Sundays. Though I took yesterday off, I have already logged 4o miles this week; I still have today and two more days to add 40 to 45 more miles. With classes coming to an end, my schedule is now open to log higher miles. I am hoping to put in 70 – 100 miles per week this summer. We shall see how that will work with some of my academic travels.

My favorite place to run is on a dirt path that circles the Campus of Rice University; it is an easy place to run due to the diversity of runners out there. Runners range from newbies to very fit and athletic men with no shirts on — to women in nothing but a sports bra. Traffic can be heavy at times. Which brings me to my three points:

  1. Why do people allow their dogs to poop in such a popular well populated area? The number of runners, walkers, and bikers here is notable. By rule, I always pick up after my dog Abbey. It is polite.
  2. Men and women that run with their baby in a baby stroller are the coolest people out there; I find myself jealous of them. Men always look cool running with a stroller; I suspect a few are looking for attention. I love the double strollers.
  3. Why do some runners feel a need to prove they own narrow running paths? I kill myself to maneuver around slower runners. On my last run, I witnessed a male runner spit towards the path and not away.


4 thoughts on “Summer Running Thoughts

  1. Carson,

    I absolutely love running at Rice! I run there with a big group of friends every Tuesday and Friday, I find it a lot more fun to run later in the day because not a lot of people want to be out there that late, but I hope all you training goes well!

  2. Carson,

    Have you ever run on the Terry Hershey trail? It is much more convenient than the Rice loop and even has a few hills. It starts off Beltway 8 near Memorial and goes past Highway Six where it then links with George Bush Park. I ride my bike there frequently.

    I have a bone to pick with you runners: why do you all run side by side, take up the entire path, and turn your iPod volume all the way up so that you cannot hear bikers attempting to pass you? Seriously, share the path people.

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