My Top Student Award in US History


Sarah Salinas came by today to hand me a great thank you note and a gift filled with chocolates; I am a big snacker, especially as it relates to junk food; I justify this as fuel for some big run. Hey, I am scheduled to do an 8 mile run today at my marathon goal pace, which is a 7 minute and 15 second per mile pace. Keep in mind that I must maintain this for 26.2 miles.

At the end of each year, HCHS has an award ceremony in which we honor a number of students for outstanding academic achievements. It is safe to say that I hate this day. Sarah was my most outstanding student participant for her work and efforts in AP United States history. I hate this day because there are always multiple students I can hand this award to. This year was no exception. My list started off with 8 students. I was able to narrow it to 4, then 2. Although Sarah’s academic work was top notch — which was the case for a number of students, I had to look at other factors. Though grades are important, I also weigh other things, such as:

  • enthusiasm for the course
  • participation in class
  • willingness to help other students with the material
  • general interest in understanding the material — not just looking to get a grade
  • seeking my help outside of class about the content or for general questions about what we are doing
  • show of respect for the instructor and other students

As one can tell, it is always difficult selecting just one student for an award that others qualify for, too; however, in the end, Sarah was a great choice for this award. I am looking forward to having her in my AP European history course come the 2009 – 2010 academic year. The history and social science department also awards what we call the “citizenship” award. This top honor goes to a sophomore and a junior that illustrates a genuine interest for their country and fellow peers. This year we awarded Nathan Moore and Tyler Look.


6 thoughts on “My Top Student Award in US History

  1. Thanks Mr. Carson! The chocolate is meant for the few hours of the day when you aren’t running or writing papers (I know these times are rare…) Make sure you share with your wife, but not with Abby!

  2. I am down with that.

    Seriously though…let me know when you want to go to the bike shop and have them look at your bike. We should do some riding this summer for sure. The heat is not as bad as you would think…I much prefer riding in the summer than riding in the winter.

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