School Tuition

Tuition at several elite private schools in Los Angeles County will reach $25,000 or close to it next school year. We have a very competitive independent school market in Houston; it is made up of a host of excellent schools. Thus tuition here in Houston tends to be high on most reputable campuses. Though our tuition runs around $16,000 per year — I do believe you get what you pay for.  It is a good thing Houston is not L.A.

Tuition at selected Los Angeles private schools

2005-06 2006-07
Marlborough School $23,750 $25,250
Brentwood School 23,400 24,800
The Buckley School 23,250 24,775
Harvard-Westlake 22,700 23,850
Oakwood School 22,000 23,550
Campbell Hall 20,670 22,110
Chadwick School 20,375 21,554

Tuition at selected Los Angeles universities

USC $30,703
UCLA* (state resident) 7,062
UCLA (nonresident) 24,882
Cal State L.A.* (state resident) 3,035
Cal State L.A. (nonresident) 3,035 plus $225 per unit

* UCLA and Cal State charge state residents fees only. Charges to nonresidents include fees and tuition.

Median private school tuition, selected cities

New York City $27,200
San Francisco 24,940
Washington 24,367
Los Angeles 22,874
St. Louis 18,513
Nationwide 16,970

All tuition figures are for one year. At the private schools, tuition shown is for 12th grade; at the universities, it is for undergraduates.

Source: National Association of Independent Schools


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