HCHS Commencement 2009

IM000828Above: Metoyer (chair), Sivils, Malouf, Bourland, Phenicie, and Carson
The history department took a second to take this departmental picture just before HCHS 2009 commencement.

IM000838Kate Kreager, my top student in AP European history and this year’s valedictorian, delivered an excellent speech to her peers. Kate, who will attend the University of Texas Phase II honors program in the fall, is set to study history. She will probably return and take my job. That gives me four years to enter the national market.

IM000836Dr. David Patterson, the senior minister at Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church, served as the keynote speaker; he also serves on the board of trustees at HCHS; he did an excellent job challenging the class of 2009 to find their mission — the one Christ has set out for them.

IM000833Katrina Ong, the class of 2009 class president and one of the most interesting students I have taught, will study at Vanderbilt University in the fall; I cannot count the number of excellent conversations I have had with Ong.

IM000835Dr. Steve Livingston, the current Head of School, presenting his opening remarks to the faculty and class of 2009.

IM000839Jamie Ferguson, Rachel Gracy, and ashley Giffen after commencement. They are screaming my name. It is Edward, ladies — not Eddie.


4 thoughts on “HCHS Commencement 2009

  1. I’m very sad I did not see you tonight, but my family and I rushed off to go eat dinner at Taste of Texas before it was too late! Ha ha. Thank you so much for your influence in my life these past few years. I chose to major in history after taking your classes, so thank you for helping me pave my way for college. I will miss you bunches next year, and will definitely be looking forward to the AHA meeting in San Diego! 🙂 Good luck and God bless!

  2. Looks like it was a great ceremony, I wish I could have come.

    Question: What do the various colored things you guys are wearing around your necks mean?

  3. This is always such a happy time of the year, and there is that tinge of sadness. Our graduation ceremonies will be in 6 days and I know I will be happy to see my former students head off into the future. The good thing is that, in a few months, we will have a new set of students and the process will start all over again.

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