Office Hours II

My Saturday was packed; it started with a 7:30 AM meeting on campus with two students: Joel Turman and Sarah Salinas. A few students and faculty members are taking a trek in China this week. Jim Kelly, my friend in the science department and Christine Metoyer, my chair, along with Head of School Steve Livingston are set to leave on Tuesday. In preparation for this, I met with Turman and Salinas for a conditioning workout. While at a graduation pool party with a group of students earlier in the week, I told Turman and Salinas that I would train for climbing trips and treks by loading my pack with 4 – 5 gallons of water as I ran bleachers. Thus we agreed to do this. It was a great run with two of my favorites. I will write more about the multiple graduation parties attended as well as one Eagle Scout induction. I do have great students. They do a great job supporting me. I hope I can do the same for them.IM000850 Above: Carson and Abbey

IM000847Above: Sarah Salinas, Joel Turman, and me on a sprint.

IM000844 Above: Catching my breath

IM000846Above: Im still catching my breath. Joel was a monster.

IM000842 Above: Sarah after a quick trip to the top. She is also a competitive soccer player.

IM000841 Above: Joel is a big time swimmer on our swim team.

Pix with Jenny

Above: Jenny Drews sent me this picture; I got a chance to briefly catch up with her at Sam Driver’s and Jon Magiera’s post-graduation party. It was great gathering as I spoke with a number of parents, colleagues, former students, and people I did not know. Jenny will be attending LSU to study history. She is already a member of the American Historical Association.


Above: Jon’s gift from Ana Resende. I want one of these shirts. I had a blast talking politics with Jon, Sam, and Ana this past year. Jon plans to attend the University of Texas at san Antonio.


Above: I attended mt second ever Eagle Scout induction. Congrats former students on reaching what only 2% of all scouts ever attain. Sam, positioned to the far right, will attend Boston College.

Sam's Party

 Above: Sam, Ana, Emilly, and Izzie. Ana will be attending NYU, Emilly is off to Baylor, and Izzie is set to attend Loyola Marymount University.


Above: This is Katherine Driver — older sister to Sam; she has long been a favorite; I taught her in AP US and AP European history; she is now a senior at Texas A&M University majoring in sociology. Oh we have had a number of excellent conversations about race, gender, and happy hour.


Above: Shelby See and Hannah Turner. I have taught both ladies for the past two years. I was excited to visit with them some at their post-graduation party and watch them practice the wedding cake cut. Shelby is off to Maryville College and Hannah will be attending Trinity University.


5 thoughts on “Office Hours II

  1. That is a lovely picture! You with your Astros shirt. Takes courage to wear that in public. It was great to see you, and you should definitely consider visiting me, ha ha.

  2. Looking ripped there Carson. Do not let those young ones wear you down. HCHS graduates big time students. I am impressed.

  3. Running with students. Attending their graduation events. man you are a great teacher. I thought you were just a book worm .

  4. You know Crason if you actually came to my party you could’ve gotten that shirt…but you didn’t send me an email to remind me to buy for you…


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