The Trek

Our trek through the Ozark National Forest was good; the route was okay — though not the most scenic one; it was also  pretty tough task. the best part about the trip was the bear. We woke up at 1:00 AM to a bear in our camp looking for food; it made its way around the tent a few times before leaving. After the hike, we went down to Hot Springs to stay in the Arlington Hotel. Here are a few pictures:


Above: Janette packing up camp



Above: Because of the drought, water sources were scarce. Thus, I packed some and used my filter anytime a water source appeared. You would not believe the places I pumped water from; I thought it tasted better than Houston’s water.


Above: My pack was heavier than I wanted; however, I knew water and other factors would be an issue — so I was more than ready.


Above: I am thinking about that bear… not really! Nights were cooler than I had anticipated.


Above: Yes, we took Abbey. She had a tough time with the heat. She was good, though.


Above: This bad boy MSR can take anything. Nothing better than dried food mixed with hot water. I think I am about to prepare a spaghetti dish.



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