Writing and Presentation Projects

I have been doing some work towards completing two journal articles this summer; one looks at the historical impact of rap music and the socioeconomic conditions that shaped race relations during the 1980s; much of this piece looks at the pedagogical significance of teaching the 80s via music and pop culture in the U.S. history survey course; the second article is one that I have started but will be co-authored with another colleague; we will examine the teaching of point of view and historiography in the classroom. We are presenting on this at a national conference this week.

My other writing project is a book project. Here is what my friend and colleagued noted about this project on his webpage: 

W.E.B. Du Bois and Religion: A Brief History with Documents (Forward by Edward J. Blum).  Co-edited with Phillip Luke Sinitiere, this is a collection of primary sources that reflect Du Bois’s thoughts on faith, spirituality, and the political implications of religion.  Documents include those that address religion from a sociological perspective, religious artwork, and spiritual fiction, among others.  This collection also includes a timeline of Du Bois’s life, bibliography, and study questions.

Phil, who worked as the department chair at the Second Baptist School, will take his teaching to the history department at Sam Houston State University; he will be serving as a visiting professor of history starting this fall. We hope to have this ready to be published by December.


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