The Conference


I conducted a European history session with a colleague this past weekend; it went seemingly well. My colleague was a star and did a great job engaging the audience and asking great questions. The audience was wonderful. The overall conference went great. Now that part one is complete, we must now finish the writing process of analyzing perspectives and the use of historiography in the classroom.


5 thoughts on “The Conference

  1. Jenny,

    I enjoyed having you visit my last one in Houston in November; I do not think I will be doing anything local for a while; however, we must still travel to the AHA meeting in December now that you have joined.

  2. I really enjoyed your seminar on Points of View at the Conference in San Antonio. I felt I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you.
    You mentioned that it would be available for some time on your website. I don’t have internet and wasn’t able to access it. We started classes and I have access to internet. Would you be able to send it to my email. I would greatly appreciate the favor.
    Thank you,
    Raysa Vaquer

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