Colleague’s Wedding

Upon arriving back to Houston, I was honored to attend my friend and colleague’s wedding; Julia Raymond, a member of the English department, will be starting the year as a married woman. She is a great runner, an excellent teacher, and a great conversationalist. The wedding took place in the Pampell Chapel on the campus oIM000046f Houston Christian High School.

Above: Julia and Artie


Above: Janette in the courtyard of Houston Christian post wedding


Above: Friends join me for a drink at wedding reception


Above: The Pampell Chapel at Houston Christian


Above: English instructor Jennifer Loupe


8 thoughts on “Colleague’s Wedding

  1. You are around a lot of pretty people. Yes you too. Looks like fun. This is a close one with school about to start.

  2. Just another quick and random thought, but does Miss Loupe’s date remind anybody else of a white Alfonso Ribeiro?

  3. I didn’t know that she was married, but I haven’t had her so I guess that is alright. I just thought he kind of has a face build that likens to that of Charlton Banks from the Fresh Prince. Maybe I’m just slowly going blind.

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