History Teaching and You Tube

The “Conversations with History” series showcases interviews with historians, political scientists, writers, and other professionals talking about their work and world events. See the official site for more information. Some notable participants from the history profession include: James M. McPherson, David Kennedy, Ruth Rosen, and Howard Zinn, to name a few. I like to show film clips from movies to showcase historical events; I have used this interview series in class.

Conversations with History - James McPherson


8 thoughts on “History Teaching and You Tube

  1. I like this new look a lot. It is much cleaner and less cluttered. Also, I believe the font is bigger, which is great for people with deplorable eyesight, like me. I think that while living with my parents I’ll take the opportunity to watch a few of these videos.

  2. Oh Alex, you are so right. Technology and access to it is much easier than when I had you. Plus, I think I am a little better. Hey, I had to balance no videos to that of a colleague that showed too many.

  3. I remember that too Alex. He wouldn’t even let us use video clips during our senior seminars in his first AP Euro class. And Carson, there was more than one teacher at CAC who showed too many videos. I thought that even as a high school student.

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