Henderson-Vegas Invite

While in Henderson, Nevada this summer, I got to work with a group of national history teachers; we discussed the direction of history education and various approaches that should be reconsidered in the discipline of history. I was honored to attend this conference since it was by invitation only. One of the things we looked at was the process of thinking about history abstractly. Moreover, we addressed ways of presenting history from a vertical fashion. I am working on some curriculum writing for my department now. The focus is more on skills and less on content.

photo 2

My colleagues and I spent a great deal of  time brainstorming and writing about the process of vertical alignment. Though the resort we worked and stayed at is just 5 minutes from the downtown Vegas hub, I spent my nights working on my courses for the fall term. In the 4 days of being here, I think I logged almost 40 miles of running. The neat thing was that all of my miles came in temps between 95 – 109 degrees. This either makes me sound tough or stupid. Here is the reality: It was so dry there that my sweat evaporated before it had time to run down my body. It is hotter at 7:30 am in Houston, Texas than it is at 2:00 pm in the Vegas -Henderson area. It cannot compete with the humidity of Houston.

Above: The resort I stayed at (Green Valley Ranch)


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