Year 10 (Updated with a Cake)



Above: 10 Year cake from senior Sarah Salinas

With classes starting up on Monday, I spent the past few days getting “organized” while attending a number of meetings with administrators and my department. It will still take much of this weekend to get my syllabus up to speed in each of the three courses I teach, but they should be good come Monday. The nice thing about last week was trying to find time to meet with a number of my favorite students before they leave for college. Emilly came by to have coffee with me and to chat about a list of things. She is one of a number of students I taught in each of my three courses. That is not the norm, but when I get a bright and interesting student during their sophomore year, I try to hold on to them.

There are a number of challenges that come with being a teacher. Sure, I have it pretty nice: I teach at a very good school with good students, nice facilities, and smart colleagues. I am about to start my 10th year (?) of teaching. I feel reasonably accomplished. I have had the opportunity to write and present my writing, teach great courses with excellent results — for the most part. Though last year was one I consider to be sub par. I have been able to travel not only throughout the country to conduct research and to receive and provide various academic training, but to Europe a few times since I started teaching.  Now, I fly anywhere between 6 – 10 times per year, which is down. Though I do not address my background much, the brothers back in the hood are always impressed when I tell them what I do for a living.


6 thoughts on “Year 10 (Updated with a Cake)

  1. i can’t believe it’s been 10 years for you!!! i wouldn’t have guessed. 😀

    i just read the assigned reading that we had tonight for “Zinn”…INCREDIBLE book!!! i had this misconception that it would be a typical, boring, academic book (Discovery-channel…snorish), but i found myself tearing the pages to read on… wow i must be a nerd too…good thing i’m in your class i guess.

    answer to one question that makes great conversation:

    Q: Why does Zinn dispute Henry Kissinger’s statement: “History is the memory of states?”
    A: “History is the memory of states.”: Zinn disputes this quote because states, although they may be perceived to hold the common benefit of the populace in mind, are really comprised of many DIFFERENT people who have different motives and intentions, and thus often come into conflict. Therefore, many of these “subjugates of the state” are forgotten along with their stories in the span of history.”

    LOVE IT…
    although this class will be hard…i do not dispute that… i know it will be incredibly interesting.

    thanks for being such an awesome first-day-of-class teacher!!!

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