Fantasy Football Year 16 and Harding University

IM000070For the 16th year, the Fantasy Football League I am a member of met for our annual draft; we tend to spend a day or so hanging out and talking about life; on draft day, we conduct a pre-draft order so that each of us can make changes as it relates to drafting strategies. I drafted from the 9th position this year which was not too bad. As I write this post in what we call the draft war room (really a conference room in the hotel), I am selecting my 12th round pick. For the most part, we take our league membership seriously. We all travel in from different cities and states ritually to participate in this activity. The cool thing about this group is how different we are. Each one of us are members of different professions that keep us busy… but we always find a way to escape for a couple of days. Moreover, in preparation for this activity, most if not all of us participate in pre-draft statistical analysis to measure how well a player might perform, pre-draft mock drafts (Kirk Hollis), and hours of football magazine and computer research on players we might select. As always, we stayed at the Hampton Inn just down from Harding University. Out of the 12 of us, all but two attended Harding University. For the second year in a row I had a blowout driving to Searcy, Arkansas. But, the great news was that I ran into one of my favorite teachers while at Harding — Professor Donny Lee; I place him and Mark Elrod in the what is great about Harding box.


A war room effort by a few of us. It was noted that when we first started our league we walked in with just pen and paper. As one can see from the picture above, we have added some form of technology to the mix. Hey Matt S, we really missed you this year brother.

IM000064League founder and commish handing last year’s champion the league’s trophy. I have yet to win this bad boy, but as you can tell from above, I am still dreaming.

IM000068Our league board is the center point of our draft. All picks are placed under each of our names. The color denotes each player’s position.

IM000069Phil Young, 1997 graduate of Harding University and a 2000 graduate of Vanderbilt University kicking back a bit during the draft. I met Young while in private school in Montgomery, Alabama during my 11th grade year; he was very instrumental in getting me to attend Harding. He most recently left a large Nashville, Tennessee law firm to start his own.

Above: Carson and his fantasy league friends at the Hampton INN in Searcy, Arkansas. We have been doing this for 16 years. We rent two rooms each year: A board room to host the actual draft, and another room to sleep in. Our league is all about relationships. This picture is from the 2008 draft.


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Year 16 and Harding University

  1. wow! i can’t believe how “grown up” everyone looks:)))) glad you had a good time!

    now, let fall begin…football is a comin’:) roll tide!

  2. I am a huge fantasy football and football fan. I have also been with the same group of guys since 5th grade. Every single year i have led in total points for the season but am yet to win the championship. Just bad luck in the playoffs. But I like my chances this year. I drafted 11th overall and picked LaDainian Tomlinson. I did take him over Frank Gore because i feel this might be a comeback year for L.T. I then took Calvin Johnson. My other Rb’s are Ronnie Brown, Felix Jones, and Fred Taylor. My Wr’s are Wes Welker, Bernard Berrian, Lance Moore, and Nate Burleson. My QB is Matt Ryan and my TE is Jason Witten. Hopefully this is the year we both finally win our respective titles.

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