Ted Kennedy

This is a cross post with the AHA:

In the wake of Senator Ted Kennedy’s death last week news agencies have taken a look back at his life and legacy, and the history of the whole Kennedy family. Read on for links to some of these articles.

  • Remembering Ted Kennedy through images
    Take a look at Senator Ted Kennedy’s life and legacy through images and resources on the White House blog, the Boston Globe’s Big Picture site, and Time magazine.
  • Kennedy’s Literary Chapter in History Ends with Ted’s Death
    Julia Keller, a cultural critic at the Chicago Tribune, discusses the Kennedy legacy in literary terms and the power of words. “The Kennedys are a unique and astonishing American family for many reasons but what distinguishes them from other remarkable families, what makes them resonate, are the words. For all the significance we ascribe to images, the real power resides in words.”
  • History and Hype, Fact and Fairy Tale Defined Family known as ‘American royalty’
    American history has seen its fair share of iconic families take the stage in Washington, but there seems something special, something different about the iconic Kennedys. In this Los Angeles Times article, Allen G. Breed explains how “it can sometimes be difficult to separate the history from the hype, fact from fairy tale. Where some saw selflessness,” he continues, “others saw self-promotion. What admirers suggest was an attitude of noblesse-oblige — of a family, much blessed, giving back through public service — smacked of a sense of political entitlement to some critics’ eyes.”
  • Here is another discussion found at God’s Politics blog.

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