Social Conditioning?

I am not sure what environmental factors permit an individual to cost himself millions of dollars in the NFL and jeopardize an education, but the University of Oregon’s Blount discovered his plight yesterday after punching a player in the face after a defeat from Boise State University. It would be nice to defend him and claim that he is just a freshman kid with much baggage; however, Blount is in his last year after receiving three or more years of an education from a really good research University. I do not think this is a matter of social conditioning. He is now suspended for the rest of the season, but can still practice and keep his scholarship. This allows him to finish school. I do feel for him. We all should get a second chance. In many ways, he is getting one by being allowed to finish school.


6 thoughts on “Social Conditioning?

  1. In the words of an animated Sneed, “Foolishness!” We all know the power of words spoken, but to physically attack another person? …it would be the analogy of a barking dog v. a biting dog– they are not the same. We all choose– and there were 200 testosterone-laden warriors all around that scene who chose honor and restraint. Civility is perhaps best demonstrated in the presence of anarchy?

  2. Well, if Michael Vick can get back in the NFL I’m surprised they would deny this kid entrance unless this was a repeated offense.

  3. It is good that the guy is still able to finish school and get his degree, but Blount also was trash talking before the game saying that Oregon was going to beat Boise State bad, but that did not happen. It just seemed like a lack of composure for the guy.

  4. Obviously Blount shouldn’t have thrown the punch in the first place, but there had to be a reason for why he punched the guy. The other guy should get at least a little bit of a punishment as well maybe not to the same extent, but still something. Plus, that is still in college, so the college does kinda have the right idea because we don’t need any more Michael Vick’s.

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