According to Keith Olbermann:  in his view, folks that watch Fox News are “tin foil hatters, conspiracy theorists, paranoids and racists.”

Above: Does FOX attack Blacks?

The crowd of some 150 people wielded a petition with more than 600,000 signatures objecting to news coverage by Fox, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, organizers said.

Some demonstrators held signs that crossed out the network’s “Fair and Balanced” slogan and replaced it with the words “Fairly Racist!”

Led by activist groups and, protesters cited incidents on Fox including an on-screen graphic calling Michelle Obama “Obama’s baby mama” and a pundit who confused Obama with Osama bin Laden and joked they should both be assassinated.

Another anchor called a televised fist bump between Obama and his wife a “terrorist fist jab,” they said, and talk show host Bill O’Reilly discussed calling a “lynching party” to deal with Michelle Obama after criticizing her patriotism.

“Putting racism on national television and calling it news is never funny,” said Andre Banks of ColorOfChange.

Joining the protest was hip hop star Nas, who said the Fox coverage inspired a song “Sly Fox” on his new album.

“Fox poisons this country every time they air racist propaganda and try and call it news,” he said.

A spokeswoman for Fox said: “Fox News believes in all protesters exercising their right to free speech, including Nas, who has an album to promote.” [Reference]


9 thoughts on “FOX NEWS

  1. When you use Keith Olbermann to suggest FOX News is crazy, your argument is DOA.

    Disagree with the President on policy + the President is black = disagreement with the President is racism? Is the Democrat position so weak they have to go there?

  2. After a second viewing of the linked video…years and years of 24-hour coverage on topics from all different angles, and that’s the worst stuff they could cherry pick?

    The John Gibson one was a rather egregious inclusion as it was about nationalism, not race. Hispanics might (mistakenly) cry foul, but to include this in a “FOX News hates black people” video is a dishonest use of the clip.

    • Carter’s position is a cop-out. It is a refusal to engage in policy debate. It is an ostrich sticking its head into the sand.

      During the campaign, any disagreement with Obama was a “distraction.” No need to answer the question. During his Presidency, is it now going to be “It’s a race thing…dismiss the question.”?

      Both sides have fringe wackos, racists, bigots. For Carter to suggest that the vast majority of citizens that are protesting specific policy items do so only because of President Obama’s skin color is a disgrace. “They can’t possibly disagree with my worldview, so there must be something wrong with them.” Does it get much more condescending than that?

      Obama won a majority of votes with black skin, yet now his policies trail in the polls. The only thing that changed was his policies became known. It is wishful thinking to believe there is a racial component instead of an ideological disagreement. Perhaps the Democrats assumed their election gains were a mandate for wholesale change, when in fact the public had grown weary of the wars, the spending, and the final economic position under Bush. Our current President has done little to effectively resolve any of those situations, and that has nothing to do with race.

  3. Matt S,

    I do agree with you 100%. Both sides have their crazies. Most Americans are not racist and want him to do well. It is a tough job. Carter has become a bit out spoken of late. I think he feels, much like what this post is saying, and that is too many Americans listen to the crazies of conservative talk radio or TV. Boy have you heard what Beck has been saying of late? And Fox does seem to have a strong agenda, one that places blacks in an isolated vacuum.

  4. Out of “Crazies” you can get “ie Czars.” Just sayin’.

    There is a big difference between a conflict of ideology and a conflict of race. Carter wants to claim the latter and call victory for his side by avoiding the former.

    I get the feeling that many liberals have no confidence in the judgement of the average citizen, and when the politicians that preside over them are rebuked they are stunned that Icarus should deign to touch Zeus. They must have been tricked by talk radio, or confused by FOX News, or distracted by Walmart’s low prices, or (per Carter) just plain racist. Opposition could not possibly be organic based upon the common sense of the populace.

  5. Regardless of political positioning, I am one that does not trust many to discern what they hear. I know that is bad, but it is true. Even I must be cautious when hearing those “crazy” liberals spout out their thoughts about ideology.

  6. There is always going to be an aspect of racism, the question is, what is the amount? I doubt most of those people dislike Obama because he is black. Someone should remind Carter that if Americans were as racist as he seems to believe then someone like Obama could not have been elected in the first place.
    I often tell my students that if they are arguing with someone and use the “well you are just a racist” argument (or “you are just stupid”, etc..) then they have lost the argument.

  7. Michelle Obama referred to herself as “Obama’s baby mama” when he was kicking off his run for the presidency. She said it. Just as he called himself the exotic candidate in his second “book”. Once again we have words that arent allowed for some people but allowed for another. Olbermann and Anderson Cooper. Something isnt right there.

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