The Court

Okay, this completely contradicts everything I stated in a previous piece about not participating in homecoming activities. I was asked to wear my commencement robe as nine of us acted as though we had a desire to be Supreme Court justices; it was cool for a quick photo; however, it is safe to say that I am far more liberal than the rest of my colleagues here…though, there is a closet liberal in the bunch. Students, start taking a guess who it is. I think it is easy. Though I am far more liberal than any of the current members of the Court, it is safe to say this group below — my fellow colleagues, are pretty conservative. Oh, I am getting much hate because I stated that homecoming dances and prom are for moms and teachers living their glory days 20 years later.


Sitting Left to Right: Joe Mellor, Jan Pearson, Brig Thompson, Christine Metoyer, Jim Kelley. Standing Left to Right: Cathy Doxtater, Amanda Potter, Suzan Phenicie, Carson.


5 thoughts on “The Court

  1. hey you – homecoming may be for those re-living glory days – but seems to me that you have lots of pictures from “back in the day” in your room, on you blog at times, and you often speak of “when I was in the hood . . .” ha!!! Your not as removed as you think my dear 🙂

  2. I bet it’s dean Thompson who’s the closet liberal. I can smell it.

    Just kidding. But you’d be a good Supreme Court Justice. If I were president, I’d sure appoint you.

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