Good for the University of Mississippi

The University of Mississippi has shortened its fight song, hoping to discourage fans from responding to the song with a traditional chant of “the South will rise again,” the Associated Press reported. The student government has been trying to change the chant to “to hell with LSU,” citing the way the phrase about the South rising again is offensive to some. At last week’s football game, some fans stuck wit the original chant.


4 thoughts on “Good for the University of Mississippi

  1. when i moved to Georgia after college, i was amazed and amused to hear the “Civil War” (or “War between the states”) refered to as the “War of Northern Agression” by many people. Oddly we didn’t stay in GA long.

  2. It’s all part of culture and folklore, I suppose đŸ˜‰
    Even here in Italy you still find people who sing the old fascist songs … in a way, it’s all part of (bad) history that cannot (and should not) be forgotten or cancelled!

  3. the moving of the “teasing” from the northern colleges they play to LSU indivisually reminds me of a show i watch “Viva La Bam”. Bam Margera is the main character who gets and does everything he wants. He usually picks on his uncle name Don Vito ,but moves his harrassing over to one of his skateboard friends Mike Valley for an episode.

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