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We all know how I feel about Fox News. This note was circulated on my very Republican campus today; I love the person that sent it out; she is bright and professional; however, if I sent a pro-Obama and pro MSNBC note like this one — I would be called on the floor for it. As the White House  stated, I too think of Fox as the strong-arm of the Republican Party. I will run poll updates at the bottom of this post.

Vote For Fox News On  NPR  Poll
If  you do not agree with this, please disregard.  If you keep up with Fox, you will know how the White House has been at odds with them.  Please take the time to read this short note, and vote  if you are prayerfully led to do so.

If you haven’t heard this, the White House is accusing Fox News of not
being a legitimate source of news, calling them biased, etc.  They
have tried to block Fox reporters from news conferences, etc., but the
other news networks are fighting back (in favor of Fox) and caused the
White House to back down.  NPR has put a survey online for us to voice
our opinion.  If you want to vote in this survey, go to the link below
and cast your vote.  Currently it is 71% in favor of the White House,
but there are not that many votes ……… less than 2,000 all
together.  Let’s show them how we feel about honest conservative news

11/01  at  10:30 AM

The White House on this one; Fox News isn’t “fair and balanced.” 20% (191,710 votes)
Fox News on this one; it asks questions others don’t and the White House should be able to handle them. 79% (767,382 votes)

Neither side. They’re both trying to play this “feud” to their advantage. 2% (14,986 votes)



20 thoughts on “More Fox News

  1. I don’t think anyone should blatantly forward anything to anyone else. That being said, I feel like Fox News should have the same right to free speech that I do. I don’t like the network and I do find it to be biased, but I also find that the United States Constitution protects bias in the form of the First Amendment. It’s unfortunate that so many people get all of their news from that network, but they are allowed to change the channel and they should not be disallowed from White House press conferences.

  2. One – if you don’t agree, please disregard? How about, “if you don’t agree, go ahead and cast YOUR vote?”

    Two – Kristi, I agree that free speech is important and that Fox should have the same opportunities everyone else has to speak; however – and it’s a BIG however – I think that what they’re doing is patently unethical. They are presenting themselves as a reputable news source, and they are neither reputable nor news. They are functioning as an entertainment outlet while promoting their product as truth. If we’re going to uphold the freedom of speech, we should also hold the people who take advantage of it to SOME standard of honesty and integrity.

  3. I don’t know about the constitutionality of banning them though. Even if they are misleading, they should have the same rights as everyone else. It’s not as though everyone doesn’t have an agenda when they’re reporting these days. It’s just that usually the CNN/MSNBC agenda matches up a lot better with mine.

  4. An NPR poll about whether FOX News is “fair and balanced”… /chuckle.

    FOX News leans right, but if they are an arm of the Republican Party then the GOP is Bruce Campbell looking to cut his possessed hand off to keep it from beating him up. O’Reilly and Beck, two of their biggest draws, have been quite willing to hammer Republicans. Beck seems on the verge of starting his own third party. LOL

    President X suggests Plan A. News organization(s) report Plan A may be flawed. President X call the news organization(s) disreputable. Was that…

    …Bush calling CNN a hack organization for complaining about the war?

    …Bush calling MSNBC a hack organization for complaining about how Katrina was handled?

    …Obama calling FOX News a hack organization for complaining about how healthcare/economy/Afghanistan is shaping up?

    Does criticizing President Obama advance the Republican Party agenda? Obliquely, perhaps. However, the goal of any news organization should be to hold the government’s feet to the fire. The party out of power probably enjoys this, but it is up to the current administration to defend their ideas. Each side whines a bit about the coverage they are getting, but only one side talks about “fairness doctrines” and muzzling the media they don’t like. (Hint: it’s not the GOP.)

  5. It’s a joke for Fox News, or supporters of Fox News, to pretend that it is an unbiased news source.

    It’s also a joke for supporters of CNN, MSNBC, etc. to pretend that they aren’t skewed to the left.

    For the most part, we already know the political leanings of networks, newspapers, etc.—it would be nice if they would just come out and admit it.

  6. I agree with a lot of what you say, K. 😉

    News has gotten VERY opinionated lately.

    Is NOT reporting on a truth an abdication of journalistic integrity?

  7. Well, in my house, not telling your mom everything was a definite error. I’m not sure how that translates to journalism. I do find that I generally get my news from my public administration professor these days. I rarely read the paper or watch television news or even read news blogs anymore. This professor is a Republican member of the Oklahoma House of Representatives , so it’s possible that I’m tuned into a biased channel as well.

  8. Example 1: Two kids took revealed the corruption of ACORN with a hidden camera and a ridiculous set of pimp/prostitute clothes. When asked about it after the first video broke, ABC’s Charlie Gibson said he hadn’t heard about it.

    Example 2: Glenn Beck suggests one of Obama’s czars, Van Jones, is a radical. Finds out Van Jones signed a paper claiming the government was involved in 9/11. Van Jones “resigns”. Few news organizations have done any follow up on the plethora of czars the President has appointed–advisers that are not required to be approved by Congress.

    Example 3: The National Enquirer (!) broke the story that John Edwards had a love child via an affair he had while campaigning for President of the United States.

    Every citizen has the right to question our elected officials. Yes, news organizations should report the truth…but what if they get lazy or ideological? Two non-journalists, a rodeo clown (Beck’s self-description), and a gossip rag broke some of the biggest stories of the last year. Food for thought.

  9. well, fair is fair, if you would be called on being openly liberal then she should called on being openly conservative…. but this IS america and no one should be called for speaking their mind, in my pitiful opinion… as to the email itself, lol , you know my thoughts on that. the other news networks are so flaming liberal that we need fox to balance the reporting a bit 🙂 all sides should be heard and free speech is what america is all about as long as the news can be validated… debate is a great thing:) keeps us thinking!”

  10. You will be hard pressed to find news coverage that is not biased in some fashion. I watch my fair share of Fox News, MSNBC and CNN. Fox News is definitely right wing and makes no bones about. I don’t agree with everything FN reports, however, it is interesting the lack of coverage some items receive on other networks.

    MSNBC I have to watch in doses. It’s hard for me to determine if Oberman or Maddow’s main purpose is to report the news or try to discredit Fox News (mainly O’Reilly +Beck) and the Bush Presidency.

    One has to take into consideration that all of these programs are entertainment and are based upon commentary and opinion. Very few news programs merely give factual information allowing the viewer to arrive at their own conclusions.

  11. First of all, I am a bit confused on how one could be “prayerfully led” to vote in such a poll, but maybe that is just me.

    I have no issue with Fox’s conservative bias. All reporting, writings, etc. are subjective in some sense. However, Fox has consistently offered viewers reporting and analysis that is completely inaccurate. And I do not mean inaugurate as in I do not agree with that say, I mean inaccurate as in they report “facts” that prove to be completely and utterly false. And they do it more than any other network.

    For those of you who believe that Carson may be exaggerating about the Conservative bias of our campus, I can assure you that he is not. Students and teachers who express right-leaning opinions via any sort of communication medium are never reprimanded, however, those who express Liberal opinions are often ostracized, not only by students, but faculty members – I have had this happen to me on numerous occasions.

  12. LOL – the white house is losing on an NPR poll! Could it be the country is seeing through the facade?!

    Carson via Dillon – remember conservatives believe in the moral absolutes. Liberals rationalized them away …..

  13. Fox news is clearly right wing, and I’m sure many Conservative Christians agree with that in their heart of hearts (just like Liberals know that DemocracyNOW isn’t fair and balanced).

    It’s the fact that there ARE plenty of people who take cable “news” networks (and other mass media, save for a precious few) as anything other than entertainment–via opinions made by only marginally (if at all) qualified pundits–that gives away that we’ve got big issues in this country. Not the government, not the networks, but the people, the people who actually believe the hype.

    I’m not saying we’re unique. Throughout history, most sources of “news” were hardly that. But, I’d hope that in our modern world we could do better.

    That said, I think Fox has every right to flat out lie to the public if they want to, so long as they are not directly selling a product that people are paying for out of pocket (ie, false advertising).

    People watch (and more importantly, believe) this blather willingly. There is our problem.

    President Obama also has the right to state a fact. Fox IS biased, conservative, pandering, and prone to fiction. And so long as he isn’t trying to pass a law that prohibits Fox from being all those things, then I think we don’t have much to worry about. Let the man talk.

    I’m more worried about teachers like you Carson (and especially, the students) who are in situations where saying something truthful is seen as biased, and having your own opinion (if it differs from the groups) is an ostracizable offense.

    As a teacher, and an adult, you made the conscious choice to work in such an environment. You weighed the pros and cons, and decided it was worth it. The kids, however, didn’t make that choice, but they are forced to live with the consequences anyway.

  14. What exactly has/is FOX News lying about? Do people who claim FOX News are liars actually watch the network? I find some of the political perspectives on MSNBC to be highly biased or wrong… are they lying, or do they have a right to their opinion? What? They are real news and FOX is not? Pfft.

    FOX may lean right, but they almost always have someone on from the other side to offer up a different opinion or perspective. I read an article yesterday where a Democrat gal was encouraging Dems to go on FOX News because (a) they let you speak your mind, and (b) they are quite willing to invite a female on as an expert in their field.

    You may have a better chance of seeing Bigfoot than catching a conservative on Olbermann or Maddow’s shows. Even I can only take Hannity in doses, but at least he brings Democrats on his set to actually debate an issue rather than gab in an echo chamber. I guess what I’m saying is that even if they are “lying”, FOX News gives the other side *plenty* of opportunity to set them straight.

  15. It’s also important to note that Shepherd Smith works for Fox News and he is both not all that right leaning and also cute. The cute thing is simply a bonus, but the fact that he’s relatively middle ground is a plus for Fox News.

  16. I will agree with Matt S to a certain extent. I’m not a “go-getter” for Fox News, however, they do have a wide range of guests on their programs – not just the right. That seems to be a distinction between MSNBC and Fox. Once again, 99% of both of these programs are entertainment, in my opinion. I have heard Bill O’Reilly on several occasions state that his program is an entertainment program and not news. I respect that frankness and I think the viewership does too thus the reflection in their ratings.

    I have been slightly disappointed in President Obama getting involved with trivial matters. I do consider this a trivial matter. I think it’s absurd that he (the White House) would consider taking shots at a television organization. There is some 100% news on that channel without commentary, just as there is on MSNBC or CNN. However, I imagine the White House’s intention was to defame the commentary shows which are in essence entertainment. Why not call out SNL?

  17. Isnt what Fox news is doing what the networks have been doing in private for decades. Its disgusting but at least you know what you are to get. I mean come on, when over 80% of your staff vote a particular party shouldnt you be concerned that you might bias news stories. We do this with regards to race. Based on race only we say that if too many white men are in a board room then it is inherently racist. Why not the same with regards to which party affiliation you might have? Its ridiculous how many voting democrats are anchors, and on down, at the big three. Those at Fox are a bunch of pigs. Why not air the others stink.

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