Conference Trip to OKC

I am writing this post from 30,000 feet in the air; at the conclusion of my last class Tuesday, I jetted off to the airport in order to catch a flight to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma… where I spoke to a great  group on social progress and European course construction. As the invited guest speaker, I do believe the engagement went well. When I get invitations to speak at history related conferences or offer a paper of historical interest to an attentive group, I try to stay as real with the audience as I do with my students. The great thing about my students is that they are far more forgiving of my many flaws.

Those of you that read this blog know that I have a fear of flying. I can trace my slow progress beyond this anxiety to a conference I spoke at in New Mexico two years ago….This trip was three months after I had brain surgery to remove a tumor. Still — trying to overcome my fear requires a lot of work.

Below is the original post that helped me to at least try to move past my fears:

Above: The plane I flew on today.

I left Houston earlier today for Ruidoso, New Mexico; my flight brought me to Albuquerque where I changed flights to Ruidoso. Because there are no major flights to this remote town, I had to fly via New Mexico Air. If you recall, I am afraid of flying…though I fly a number of times per year. When I schedule a flight, I aim for the biggest planes available. That was not the case today. I still have to fly back to Albuquerque via the tiny plane on Thursday once I am done presenting a special topics history seminar in Ruidoso. And yes, it was a very bumpy flight. I am going to spend another hour reviewing my notes and slides for the meeting tomorrow. Wish me luck!


6 thoughts on “Conference Trip to OKC

  1. I haven’t flown in a plane that small in many years. Did a few hops from LA to Santa Barbara and DC to Charlottesville back then. I didn’t know you once had a brain tumor. My respect for you increases even more.

  2. Thanks Steve!!! Yes I am good (knock on wood). I tell you what, it was rough because we went through this small mtn thing that created a ton of rough air. I just do not see how people in Latin American nations do this. This is like the norm for missionaries.

  3. I’m in Oklahoma during the break, too. How weird! And as for your fear for flying, I can relate. In Canada, I flew in a plane very similar to the one in the picture. Even though I sat in the back, it was bumpy and scary. Just say a prayer before taking off!

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