Campus Spirtuality

Interesting article at Inside Higher Education. A group of non-religious students at Tufts want an institutionally appointed spiritual guide, just like the Christians, Jews and Muslims have. Is this the next wave of campus clergy? This question presented is one that secondary private schools have been doing for a while. I do like that we here at HC have “two” campus chaplains; we have students with an array of spiritual needs beyond that of scriptural study. I have developed a great relationship with a number of students; I have coffee with them; we attend shows and productions together, and meet to discuss political and social topics over dinner at times; however, it is very difficult with the demands of my schedule to fully have a job on campus devoted to talking about events in their life. I am just happy to stay afloat of my courses.

5 thoughts on “Campus Spirtuality

  1. “Is this the next wave of campus clergy?” No. This is another stick in the face of Jews/Christians to see how far they can be pushed. To pick at and mock, to find areas to humiliate and embarrass. Young students being manipulated by cowardly professors. Wiccans, druids , all these covers, are just something to claim to be to tear at the cohesion, the little there is left, of Jewish/Christian enclaves. It will be very entertaining when the growing Muslims in this nation start to clash with these perverse “spiritual” instigators. There is never lasting power in the watered down Christian/Jew. They morph into man centered causes that chase the impossible. Justice indeed.

  2. But this is not about Muslims who on many campuses already have Muslim chaplain. Any, it is not about folks in the classroom who are not involved. This represents students that are seeking something outside of the religious mainstream. I do not think this is the wave of the next type of clergy. That person is called a psychologists.

  3. What is not provided for in the Bible? Are you talking about those who have strayed or those who dont care about Gods limits on man. For those who dont care its a dust off your shoes moment. Be there when they fall if, but avoid otherwise. For those who stray and are still of The Faith, well, I would think, tend to them with the understanding Go and Sin no more. Could it be the Bible provides limits to assure a more fulfilling life then say, do what you want when you want? Limits help one avoid that plunge to the bottom. Everything internally we deal with today has been going on for ever. How can the Bible not be relevant today. Dont drink. If you dont then you avoid hangovers, DTs, bad choices while drunk, DUI. Dont do it avoids everything. Help the few who do go over the edge but let it not be lost the consequences if they do. The same with sex. Confine it to a man and a woman in marriage virtually eliminates STDs, illegitimate births, and issues like abortion. It is when curiosity/boredom –and a anti theist societies constant call to just Do It–plays out that you invite all of this. Yes, man is fallible. But Christ didnt say put down your stones and enjoy the sin you are born into. He said Go and Sin no more. I think “Life coach” is mans childish taunt of God. You can hear this attitude when people say”Abstinance is fine but kids do have sex”. The problem is if a kid is not deterred by the possible consequences of pre-marital sex, why should we think they are going to take the time to whip a condom on. We are in the business these days of instant gratification not deferred. And so we live with all the consequences. This society has taken a bigger bite of the apple then most, so what do you do. I dont think accepting the perversity and creating new ones will help. We are in a way distancing ourselves from the Bible. That to we it doesnt apply. Isnt that arrogance to think our troubles are so unique? No one came to the Bible innocent, so though we are in deep, lets at least agree not to dig deeper. A hard question to answer: How do you deaden the impulses that have become the norm in a society–alcohol, drugs, open sexuality, sloth, etc.. One thing ,maybe, is to not carry them on to the children who do not know them yet. That could be a start.

  4. Denton: You seem to have a chip on your shoulder and a lot of anger. Why does this have to be something to “mock” people? Why the reference to Wiccans and Druids? The point of this rant is beyond my comprehension.

  5. Buddha– Its a reaction to how I read things. It becomes casual for people to throw out comments a certain way and I spit it back the same. Some peoples anger is always accepted as righteous. No questions asked. And others we seem to just see the anger. Why do we allow that for some and not others? Its not an individual thing. Some topics it is an absolute.

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