World Exam

My sophomore world history sections took  their third exam of the semester today; we have one more left. I could smell their brains burning at the table.

Here is a sample short response question:

In the periodization of 600 C.E. to 1450 C.E., construct a map of the Afroeurasian world that showcases the major centers for trade and exchange. Then, note and label each of the following actors and their movement on your constructed mental map: the Mongols, the plague, and the Crusaders. Furthermore, discuss the political, social, and economic impact each had on world history and the periodization.


12 thoughts on “World Exam

  1. That is it. That is the size of your world history class? Man, you do not teach in the real world. I am jealous. I like the question. Its not too bad.

  2. How is that supposed to be a short response question? To adequately answer a question like that, one would need to write an essay several pages in length.

  3. Hebert:

    I can say this — students that march out of my world class know their stuff. And, they can draw a cool map!!! Though, they do tend to leave all of those tiny SE Asians islands off. I suspect it is because I do too.

  4. I drew the islands. At least I think I did.
    I agree -there was nothing short about that question AT ALL. (you should have taken the picture of our class. It’s bigger.)

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