Receiving Thanks from Parents and Students

On occasion, I get very positive letters and emails from students and their parents about me and the courses that I teach; I learned years ago that when you get such great notes, place them in a file for a day when you really will need to re-visit them. For the most part, I am lucky in that I get a great deal of respect, support, and thanks from parents and students. Not only have I had the honor of going out to dinner or coffee with a student(s), but I have had parents call me up and invite me out to a ball game or for a beer. I say this because when you teach a number of students with various interests and personalities, you must double that number since they have parents. My students  will tell you I am fair and very compromising in my views and when I have been unfair. I will admit that I am a little different. Okay, I can be downright odd. As a teacher who believes in being an active academic in the areas that I teach, I work to inculcate a level of thought and scholarship that will get students thinking not like me, but like a diverse learner.

I do value those parents and students that realize I put a great deal of time and effort into my classes and my students. Do I have shortcomings — you bet. There are too many to list on this post; however, my work ethic and clear qualifications make life easier. When I was in the hospital sick, it was my department, my wife,  students, and parents that took care of my needs. I am still giving thanks. I got this great email today from a family wishing me well. As a teacher, I tend to hear more negatives than positives. The very few that I get are usually associated with me being different or thinking different. But, I will say this, I teach in a great community with great families.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Mr. Carson,

We wanted to say thank you for your investment in our son and your faithful preparations.  I know he greatly struggled in the beginning to adjust, but he absolutely loves your class and your teaching style. He is so very pleased with his grades and all that he is learning.  He loves the discussions that you have in class and that you affirm him with your responses.  Thank you so much for that affirmation .  He really struggles with keeping up with all the readings and assignments, but he knows his level of intelligence may not be where some of the other kids are;  but your affirmation of him is such an encouragement.  Your class is the only one that he doesn’t talk about falling asleep in.   I know he struggles because he never sleeps with all of the schoolwork he does.  What a blessing to have a child who loves his teachers as he does.  Thank you for all that you do to encourage the kids and spur them on.  Have a most blessed Thanksgiving and well deserved rest.  Thankful for you.


4 thoughts on “Receiving Thanks from Parents and Students

  1. You are the best teacher I ever had. You take a lot but that is why you are who you are. I loved that you never told me to be or think a certain way, though you do tend to create a cult following at times. I loved that my teachers were smart, caring and interested me. I remember that great letter of rec you wrote me. I did not realize you paid so much attention to me. Yes I say thank you. I hope you are having a great day. I miss you so much.

  2. Oh, yes; those little notes of appreciation – regardless of how few and far between they may be – are GOLD for us. I often find, too, that the Universe takes good care of me; I’ll usually get a little love note JUST when I need it most.

  3. You have to admit that you do teach in a very scary conservative environment. I suspect free thought does not exist too much. Well, it exist until you teach something different.

  4. And, you are one of those teachers that connect with the students….and push and pull them outside their comfort zones. Well done, Mr. Carson!

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