Cold Houston

Above: Houston Christian High School lawn

I got this picture from a student earlier today; it is a view of the campus library and chapel after a light snow fall. Currently I am working with a group of people on work related to European history until Sunday here at Princeton; it is colder in Houston than it is in the state of New Jersey. I am sure my students were pleased to be dismissed early due to impending snow/rain followed by temps in the upper 20s. I am sure the entire city shut down. But then again, I would hate to be on one of the million high overpasses found in Houston. I did a run in 76 degree weather just six days ago.


11 thoughts on “Cold Houston

  1. That’s a beautiful photo of a beautiful school 🙂

    We’re also having quite a cold spell here in Rome but no snow – it rarely snows in Rome. The snow can be seen only on the peaks of the Appenines.

    Having lived in Africa for many years my dream has always been a White Christmas 😀
    Christmas just wasn’t Christmas in the middle of Summer!

  2. It is astounding to me that you had snow in Houston before I had snow in New England (not that I’m COMPLAINING or anything!!).

    Keep your phone on today; I’m determined to win our game of phone tag!

  3. The snow was awesome but now its gone and it never stayed for long. Also i have a friend in Cleveland who is jealous of me because we got snow before they did.

  4. the snow was incredible, it made everyone in the room happier. It is crazy how Houston Texas can develop this type of weather before people in Ohio or other states that have not had snow fall yet. And the snow was nice, it was not miserable like it would be in the northeastern states.

  5. The snow day was great! I was shocked on how it snowed in Houston before it snowed in other places that are known for having snow during winter time. It was awesome that it was able to stick and that we got to go home early as well.

  6. The snow day was awesome minus the fact that my car died at the school!! Too bad you missed it because it is so rare that we actually have snow in Houston. I love the snow, but I love that we have a day of it then the temps go back to the 60s and 70s a day or so after even more. Hopefully since we haven’t even gotten to the coldest part of the winter we might just have another amazing snow day! Especially since we haven’t had a snow day like this since my mom was about 10.

  7. The snow fall was a wonderful surprise to us all. The unexpected weather brought a cheery atmosphere to the campus. Being dismissed early definitely contributed to the cheeriness because it is so rare to experience a snow day in Houston.

  8. I was absolutely shocked and excited that it snowed in Houston last Friday! Many people kept telling me during the week that there was a chance of snow but I didn’t believe them because I never thought that would actually happen here. I am extremely glad that it did snow since for the Christmas break I will be in Central America for two weeks and it is really hot over there, so i was hoping for a taste of the cold winter Christmas before I leave.

  9. I was so happy that it snowed last week. It was so cool because I have always loved the snow. When I heard there was a chance of snow and it was going to be 2-4 inches of snow I did not believe it. Then once it started snowing I believed everyone. It was also nice to get out of school early because it was a nice little break from all the tests that week.

  10. The snow in Houston had a good effect on everyone. It made them happy and excited. The snow was nice because in Houston, it is very rare so gets us excited, but in cities where it snows all the time, they complain about it. It was also good to get out of school early. That picture is very pretty too!

  11. The snow was awesome! For me, it snowed twice this year: once that day, and on Christmas Eve in Austin. As my family and I walked out of the afternoon service, there were small snow flurries in the air! Does that count as a white Christmas?

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