Running in Princeton

I missed the snow in Houston yesterday, but the winter gods all but made up for that today here in Princeton by dumping a nice chunk of snow; I have never done a serious run in winter snow; it was great for a number of reasons:

  1. Running on an illuminated dark road; yes, I say illuminated thanks to the snow.
  2. I did not realize I was hot until I was done running. We only have one season in H town.
  3. If its going to be cold, there should be some snow on the ground.
  4. Running in and  around Princeton makes you feel smarter.
  5. Having to remove my glasses due to snow fall was great.

Again, before coming to Houston I was a prolific runner. It was not unusual for me to log weekly miles of 70 – 80 per week. While coaching the cross-country team at CAC, I would run with my better runners only to add more miles later in the day with my own training schedule. This of course brought about a series of injuries that plunged me into a state of burnout and ultimately ending my running days. IT band syndrome was often the problem. Dating back to June I started building up my miles; I promised myself that I would not return to the days of old when I was logging insane miles. They have been done of late but I feel a change.


6 thoughts on “Running in Princeton

  1. I was running in the same rain today here in PA. I hope the Jerz is treating you well.

    Have you gotten the chance to read Born to Run? It’s a fantastic book about the Tarahumara in northern Mexico. It has certainly inspired me to run oftener.

  2. Wow, I can’t even imagine running 70 miles a week. I run a mile or 2 a week whenever I feel like it. I don’t think I could run in the snow either, i hate the cold, so I don’t think running in it is something I would like to do, but that’s cool.

  3. Wow. That is insane, I couldn’t even run that many miles in one week if my life was on the line. I have to admit that I probably would never be able to run so much in one week just because I’m too lazy to put my mind to it. After reading this, I’ve kinda become inspired to start running at least 2 miles a week without being told to do so.

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