LR Marathon

I am pretty pumped; my training schedule runs Saturday through Friday of each week. My miles had been down a bit but they have clearly increased. Of late, I have done long runs of 17 and 20 miles; one of those was with the father of one of my students; he is preparing to run Houston’s 26.2 mile race. As of today, I have logged 60 miles. After tomorrow, that number will be up to 75. I have decided to push my miles up as I attempt to make up ground in preparation to run what I hope will be a 3 hour and 15 minute time (7 min and 24 secs per mile pace). This will qualify me for Boston. I am excited. I just hit the register button for this (Little Rock Marathon) race as I celebrate the new year; I will race a half marathon in Austin come February and another full marathon in April (Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon).  I am starting to feel cocky.

Oh, I am running with a pace team. This is a group of runners that are guided by a runner who will help us manage our pace in order to reach our time; I will have to submit a qualifying certificate from a previous marathon in order to start in the upper-tier corral. They break it down this way:

You must qualify to be placed in Corral A and Corral B.

Corral Times:
Corral Time Pace
A 3:20:59 7:39:93
B 3:45:59 8:37:14
C 4:00:59 9:11:47
D 4:30:59 10:20:12
Open Corral NA

If you do not give an estimated finish time, you will automatically be assigned to the Open corral. Don’t panic, all races are timed with a timing system (the thing on your shoe) so you will know your net time regardless of your start corral. The Open Corral is also secure area for participants only and for those athletes that do not qualify for a faster corral. Finish times in the Open Corral range from 4:31 – 6:00 hours.

Assignment to these corrals is not automatic and is not guaranteed. If you are accepted into these corrals, you will be notified by race officials. Please provide an email for quicker notification. Please allow five business days for Start Corral assignments to be processed.

To be placed in Corral A or Corral B you must do the following:

  • Submit qualifying times in the form of an official finisher’s certificate or race result page from an official marathon within the past two years.
  • Email messages or Web site links are not accepted as proof of qualifying.
  • Proof of qualifying times must be faxed to 501-371-6832 attention Little Rock Marathon Start Corrals.
  • Qualifying times will be accepted no later than Monday, February 1, 2010.
  • After February 1, 2010 you will be placed in Corral C or Corral D.

Note: Finishers of the 2009 or 2008 Little Rock Marathon who achieved a qualifying time do not need to submit proof of performance.


2 thoughts on “LR Marathon

  1. You must get out more. It does not matter. You motivate me too much. I cannot do the many things you do and I will not run that far, but I will focus on my health and wellness this new year.

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